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> <<Subsequently Randi has personally written to me in over 70 pieces of
> correspondence.......I offered numerous methods by which to do this
> plants, animals, enzymes and mechanical surveys after Randi was
> directed by Nobel prize laureate Brian Josephson to give my claim
> However, in November, Randi refused to further correspond with me
> scheduling a test for my claim on his offer and wrote to me that he had
> instructed Harter not to respond to my inquiries either. >>
> Hmmmm....would 80 "pieces of correspondence" (personal at that!) have
> more apporpriate? What I am getting at is that it seems to me that Randi
> given you far more than his ear...and for you to begin to 'cry' about
> severing contact with you at this point is...well, humorous at best.
Look, if
> you can "do something" then by all means doing it. If (as you claim) you
> offered all manner of fair tests then perhaps you could submit an
example or
> two to us to judge for ourselves? How else are we supposed to believe
> ----Brian of Murfreesboro

Now that he has my e-mail address "Brian of Murfreesboro, Mr. Smith
or whoever
he is can send his questions directly to me. I am not a member of the
list, although I'd be happy to subscribe. I have found so many
ways of
detecting the motive force of homeopathy it's a little difficult to
choose which
one is best. However, there is one test that does stand out.
In 1951 Alphonse Gay demonstrated that microdilutions
have dielectric indices which differ from their liquid vehicles and
are specific both for the substances in dilution as well as for the
degree of dilution. His apparatus consisted of "a type of
capacitance, a mercury armature and a dielectric easily
interchangeable . . . introduced in circuit with a galvanometer."
The changes in capacitance of the various microdilutions
were recorded as fluctuations of the galvanometer from zero.
He obtained sinusoidal curves for microdilutions ranging up to
10 to the 60th power of Strychnos nux vomica, Pulsatilla
nigricans, Lycopodium clavatum, Cinchona officinalis,
Ignatia amara, Castoreum, Moschus, sodium chloride and
Sepia officinalis.
In 1952 Gay and Boiron reported the result of a series of
exhaustive investigations into the action of microdilutions . In a
comparison between the capacitance of distilled water and
sodium chloride, carried through identical stages of dilution to
10 to the sixtieth power, both dilutions gave sinusoidal curves
which approximated each other fairly closely except that at 10
to the 26th, 38th and 54th power they were in direct
In addition they found that "Ohms law is not applicable for
microdilutions . . . that the electrical resistance is not linear for
frequencies between 1.050 and 2.650 periods per second."
In 1953 Gay extended his work in collaboration with Jean
Boiron. Using the same apparatus, in 100 out of 100 attempts
they were able to distinguish a flask containing sodium
chloride, diluted out 10 to the 54th power, (which by my reckoning is
the same as 27c and is well beyond Avogadro's limit -j.b.) from six
identical flasks containing distilled water.
The dielectric measure was repeated by Stephenson and Brucato
in in the '60 and by and by the Indian team of Jussal, Mishra and Dua
in the '70's.
There are also optical density measurements that have been made
since the forties using what's called a microlyometer, which is
a photovoltaic cell measuring filtered light shown through a high
The best most definitive and costly mechanical measure is NMR.
There's also a hanging drop test, beta scintillation, even polography.
Kirlian photographer Chris Wodtke and I were able to detect
between homeopathic Anacardium and control solutions, and the photos
speak for themselves http://marius.netfirms.com/research.html
My focus has been on coming up with simple tests that require
in way of equipment, such as the yeast test, which was the first
I proposed to Randi before he became unhinged. It was shortly after
that he claimed Goldman Sachs had dropped him and blamed it on me.
There's also a pH test that the Human Energy Systems Lab at the
University of Arizona is currently in the process of replicating.
They took an interest in this test after Randi started ignoring
applications for the Challenge. In order to apply for the Psychic
an applicant must first get Randi's attention with repeated inquiries
by a
third party who is connected with some kind of media, and then sit
Randi's attempts at verbal abuse, wade through his hopes and dreams of
and finally put up with his attempts to scare you off with threats to
you, and much of the same kind of attempts at ridicule Brian Smith
attempts here.
Seems to be typical behavior for "skeptics."
There are many more tests. Here are a few of them.


and the
action of
what is
used in

Because of suspected placebo affect, experiments involving
human beings are not included with the exception of objective
measures in physiology, the earliest being from the the 1880's
so these provings here are not clinical trials but rather objective
investigations in bacteriology, biochemistry, botany, physics and
Recently I suggested that Randi himself be the subject of
a trial, but as usual he copped out saying he would be able to
cheat. But then he brags about performing a similar test on himself
in front of Congress taking an overdose of what he would have
us believe are homeopathic sleeping pills.
My suggestion would be for him to take homeopathic Plutonium,
intravenously for a month. If he survives without any noticeable
change in his
then he wins his preliminary dismissal round and we submit a test
using a higher
order of life, like yeast.. But if he's acting weird by the end of
that time, it
constitutes a preliminary win and we keep going to see how sick we can
make him
using what he insists is a placebo and if we can kill him using
Plutonium the money reverts to me.
That seems to me to be the most conclusive method of
administering a test
for JREF, at least.
Of course he won't do it. He'll probably just hang himself. That
seems to be
what he's best at doing. But maybe there's some other brave "skeptics"
Robert Park who would want to try the Plutonium test. What about it,
Mr. Park?.

Randi specifically offered me the award in writing if I could
provide a
method by which to identify homeopathic drugs. I've responded by
offering him numerous methods by which to make this distinction.
Ladies and gentleman, its already been done and the results published
The effects can be seen in several modalities, instruments have been
to measure them, physiological reactions were recorded using
equipment as early as the 1880's. The emanations of a dilute of radium
bromide were captured photographically as early as 1904. In 1954
William E. Boyd, MD performed the definitive scientific study over the
space of fifteen years replicating a decade of work of an earlier
W. M. Persson in studying the effect of high dilutes on starch
Working with J. Patterson Boyd also performed a bacteriological
investigation of high dilutes on bacteria in an alteration of the
Schick test.
In 1948 Lise Wurmser and P. Loch invented the microlyometer, an
instrument designed specifically to measure the effect of a luminous
of fixed wave length.
In 1951, Alphonse Gay demonstrated that high dilutes have
dielectric indices
which differ from their liquid vehicles and are specific both for the
dilution as well as for the degree of dilution. Then in 1953 in
with Boiron they were able to distinguish a flask of highly diluted
from six other identical flasks containing distilled water.
This dielectric test has been repeated by subsequent
investigators and the
results published. Other mechanical measures have been taken, I'm just
giving you
a sampling of the published reports that have appeared over the last
century or
Now researchers are using nuclear magnetic resonance to measure

drugs, i.e. high dilutes.
I won't even begin to try to relate the amount of work that has
been done
studying the effects of high dilutes on plants and animals, and you
may have
already noticed that I have entirely skipped the progressively
clinical literature upon which the empiricism of the homeopathic
doctrine is
What this always leads to with skeptics is totally ignoring the
discoveries of researchers and attacking the character of those making
the claim.

I could make any claim I want here, and offer any sum of money
to anyone
who can prove me wrong, deny the validity of all claims to the
contrary , dismiss
them in secret preliminary trials I host as judge, jury and
executioner and go on
making my claim.
For instance, there is the story of a man who offered a large sum
of money to
anyone who could prove that the Holocaust was real. A lot of people
came to this
man's door, apparently, to show him their scars and tattoos of serial
forced on them by the Nazi's, but this man would simply say, "that
doesn't prove
anything." and then proceed to libel and defame the applicant.
Eventually, though, someone took him to court for breach of a
offer, and he lost his money. This same thing reportedly is happening
to Randi,
who it's been said is now being sued for the exactly the same thing.
reportedly Randi is also being sued, repeatedly, for libel.
I certainly understand that there are many people who simply
don't want
there to be proof for homeopathy, even though it's been proven in
supported by law and accepted in common usage.
It's also been claimed that the conditions of the challenge
haven't been
met. (Yawn). How many times do I have to hear that. What conditions?
Nobody ever
says. Just keep on saying itmaybe somebody will believe it. Typical
talk from the
Queens of Denial. I've asked the authors of this supposition to name
condition that hasn't been met and of course they can't name it. It's
just how
Randi has instructed them to jerk.
You tell us. What is it you think needs to be done to validate or
homeopathy? How would you set up a fair and objective test?
Why not just put an end to the argument and call for the question?
Or do you
have some money to lose?
In all the time I've been studying the test, I have yet to see the
report of
one test conducted by Randi and company on anything. Where's the peer
What is the JREF protocol for testing homeopathy? Where is their
for testing anything?
Randi claimed that Nobel prize laureates Brian Josesphson and
Benveniste had applied to take the Challenge AFTER he offered me the
award to
provide him with a method to distinguish homeopathic medicines from
non. Even
after Josephson sent Randi back to me, Randi insisted that he was
going to wait
to see the outcome of the J and B experiment.
Finally, when it became apparent that he wasn't going to get his
demonstration, he offered the award to me a second time if I would
show him my
method. I gave him a published study by two British researchers who
used yeast to
determine the difference. Randi responded that he would arrange a test
with an un
identified scientist at an unidentified location sometime in November.
But in
November, he left for China, and by the time he had returned he had
broken off
negotiations. In all this time he never offered a single date or place
for an
experiment, nor did he reveal to me what his idea of a protocol for
testing would
And that's where it remains. I don't think JREF will ever conduct
a fair and
objective test of homeopathy. They don't appear to be in the business
of making
scientific, objective inquiry, which is what the true meaning of
skepticism is:
thoughtful inquiry.
We're not seeing that here. What we read are statements attacking
integrity, credibility and character of people who should really
should be left
alone to practice their form of belief that is protected under the
law. The fact
of the matter is, on every front of science, usage and law, the
mudslinging apostates of energy medicine have lost the very arguments
they have
And in China, with whom JREF has established a strategic
alliance, there is
now an identical Psychic Challenge that is aimed at people who use
meditation as
a health practice. Not having the same religious protections that we
have in the
West, we're seeing widespread religious persecution and violations of
rights. They arrest these meditators and then sell off their body
parts to rich
Americans. You think I'm joking?
The Psychic Challenge isn't about choice, it's about control.
It's not good
enough that you believe in energy medicine, "skeptics" appear to be in
a mad rush
to prevent everyone else of their belief as well.
And abuse of personal character is how the argument is always
Harter, who Randi apparently has put in charge now of Challenge
is a stage magician who goes by the name of Drew Mayne. Randi is a
high school
drop out. There's no real academic interest here. In the guise of
the Psychic Challenge is nothing more than a cruel hoax designed to
mislead and
confuse people.
What more are we to expect from magicians?

The following is not a complete list but represents some of
the better known research in homeopathy outside of the clinical
setting that has produced positive results tht always lead to the
same answer. SOmething's going on. A few of us even believe
we understand what it is on a sub atomic level. There is even
nuclear theory for homeopathy.


1. Proof through Bacteriology- 3 reports
1928 JUNKER, Hermann The Effect of Extreme DIlutions on Microorganisms
Phluger's Archiv fur die Gesamte Physiologie, 219, pp 647-672, 1928
1941 PATTERSON & BOYD Potency Action - - A Preliminary Study of
the Alteration of the Schick Test by a Homeopathic Potency, The
Homeopathic Journal 31, pp. 301-309
1977 NOIRET and CLAUDE, Enterobacter cloacae, Lysteria
monocytogenes, Streptoccocus bovis, Activitie des diverse dilutions
homeopathiques de Cuprum sulfuricum sur quelques souches microbiennes,
Ann Hom Fr


2. Proof through Biochemistry- 6 reports
1930 Persson, WM enzymes, The Principles of Catalysis in
and Homeopathy, J Am. Inst. Hom. 23, pp 1055-1089
1936 Boyd, Research on Low Potencies of Homeopathy, London, Heinemann
1938 Persson, WM enzymes, Effects of Very Small Amounts of Medicaments
and Chemicals on Urease, Diastase and Trypsin, Archives Internatales
Pharmodynamie et de Therapie, 46, pp. 249-267
1941 Boyd, W.E. The action of microdoses of mercuric chloride on
diastase Br. Hom

J 31:1-28
1942 Boyd, W.E. The application of a new biologic heart rate recorder
to the
study of
the action on the frog heart of small doses of Crataegus, Digitalis,
gratus and of trace doses of Strophanthus sarmentosus Br. Hom J
1946 Boyd, W.E. "An investigation regarding the action on diastase of
mercuric chloride when prepared with and without mechanical shock" Br.
Hom J
1954 Boyd, W.E. enzymes, "Biochemical and biological evidence of the
of high potencies" British Homeopathic Journal 44:6-44
1997 VAN WIJK and WIEGANT, Using a step down arsenite
treatment with 100M or 300M arsenite followed by an
incubation of rat liver cells with lower concentrations of 1-10M
dilutions, cells were shown to exhibit increased sensitivities to
low concentrations of sodium arsenite. There was an additional
increase in the synthesis of protector proteins when low
concentrations of arsenite were applied to arsenite pretreated
cells. Stimulation of cellular defense of stressed liver cells by sub
doses of toxicants
HomInt R&D Newsletter, 1:/1997: 12-14 Karlsruhe

3. Proof through Botany- 6 reports
1902 P. Jousset investigated the effects of silver nitrate up to
25c on mycelium. He found significant results in their weights,
finding that the silver nitrate stunted growth. (reported by Gabriel
"The Extraordinary Sensitiveness of Aspergillus Niger to Manganese."
Academie des Science; 154, 616, 1912
1923 Lilli Kolisko, Physical and Physiological Demonstration of the
Effect of the

Smallest Entities. Kolisko did some definitive work here. Der Kommende
Tag, A-G
Verlag, Stuttgart, 1923 pp. 1-10
1932 Joseph Roy The Experimental Justification of the Homeopathic
Dilution, Le
Bulletin Medical, 46, pp. 528-531, 1932
1938 Pierre Narodetzki, On the Establishment of a Technique for
Homeopathic Doses. Thesis. University of Paris, 1938
1983 Jenkins & Jones yeast and wheat seedlings, Comparison of
wheat and yeast as in vitro models for investigating homeopathic
Homeopathic Journal, 72, 3: 143-147
1999 Benneth, oat seedlings, In this test I soaked oat seeds with a
solution made from blank control sugar pellets and a test solution
made from
Staphysagria 30c pellets. The idea to use Staphysagria came from Patty
Smith of
the British Institute of Homeopathy. I like the rubric that goes with
Staphysagria. Oats are a cultigen and Staphysagria is a rape
medication used in
unicist homeopathy. We rape the earth. I took fifty oat seeds and
separated them
as equally as I could as to size in two separate batches. Then I
placed them, 25
each, into clear plastic SOLO brand drinking cups and covered them
with cotton
and affixed with Scotch tape a second cup over the top to act as a
lid. Then in
an eyedropper, I dissolved a blank sugar pellet in a half ounce bottle
partially with store bought distilled water. In a second identical
bottle of
distilled water I dissolved a pellet of Staphysagria. Then I poured
the entire
contents of each bottle into respective SOLO cups with the seeds,
wetting the
cotton. I then placed them in a shelf side by side, away from
sunlight, and
forgot about them for a month. When I checked the results I was
amazed. The
dilute Staphysagria treated oats had went wild by comparison to the
treated oats, growing 150% more. I took the measurements by analyzing
measuring each little "coleoptile", stem, or piece of growth and
adding up the
total of the controls and the treated oat seeds in inches. Now don't
you think
that more of these scientific investigators would report their results
as clearly
as this? Reportedly, Kim Birney has reproduced similar results. What a
bunch of
chumps these critics are who decry homeopathy without performing a
simple test
like this. Rather than comment on the method or report, why not
investigate for
yourself with a similar test? You might be able to affect the growth
of things in
your garden. World Wide Web

1999 John Benneth, yeast In this test I sought to replicate the use
the Windflower, as was done done by Jenkins and Jones in their
experiments. In my
test, I used beer bottles, sugar water and baker's yeast. To measure
the gas
discharge, I placed rubber balloons over the bottles. Whereas Jenkins/
Jones used
Pulsatilla, I found no measurable difference in the gas output in the
so I tried the Staphysagria dilute, which had been so successful in
the oat seed
test. During the initial stages of observation there was no difference
the controls and treated solutions,. Then the controls and Pulsatilla
solutions actually started producing more gas than the Staphysagria.
Finally, lo
and behold, the Staphysagria treated sugar/yeast water produced more
gas output
than did the controls and Pulsatilla treated water. Whereas the
controls and
Pulsatilla solution bottles shrank their balloons in the end result,
first after
having inflated them, the Staphysagria treated solution kept its
balloon inflated
to this day (11/18/99), and has remained so in contrast to its
controls, which
have shrank. Something for bakers and brewers to take into

1999 Benneth, wild Jefferson ferns. I sprayed a solution of
Staphysagria on
They appeared to become straggly as a result. I also sprayed the
solution on
skunk cabbage. I observed no changes. Wide World Web

4. Proof for homeopathy through Physics- 23 reports
Various techniques have been employed to demonstrate that
there are physical differences between potentized solutions and
the vehicle, whether potentized or not (see Stephenson, 1955;
Wurmser, 1967)
1906 Boericke Tafel. In 1906 these two investigators
performed an unusual experiment which begs repeating, but to
our knowledge has yet to be even tried. Perhaps it's just too
amazing for anyone to believe. Using emanations from a dilute
of radium bromide 30c, these investigators photographed a
picture of the outline of a key! Tafel's Jottings, 1906
1941 Heintz, UV spectra, conductivity measurements and IR analysis
Wirkungen hochverdunnter potenzierter Substanzen Naturwissenchaften
1948 Wurmser and Loch, micromylometer, Congress National des
Societe Homeopathique de France, 1948
1951 Gay, galvanometer, Presence of a Physical Factor in Homeopathic
Solutions, Edition des Laboratories P.H.R., Lyon France,
1952 Gay-Boiron , galvanometer, A Study of the Physics of
Edition des Laboratories P.H.R., Lyon France,
galvanometer, ) A Physical Demonstration of the Real Existence of the

Remedy, Edition des Laboratories P.H.R., Lyon France
1964 Heintz, polarography, Les "maximums" del la
Polarographie et la force electromotrice de mouvement C.R.
Seances Academy Science 1962
1966 Smith & Boericke, nuclear magnetic resonance
spectroscopy, Modern instrumentation for the evaluation of homeopathic
Journal of the American Institute of Homeopathy
1966 Brucato & Stephenson, 50 KV Alternating Current
Dielectric Tester, Dielectric strength testing of homeopathic
dilutions of HgCl2, Journal of the American Institute of Homeopathy
1968 Smith & Boericke, nuclear magnetic resonance
spectroscopy, Changes caused by succussion on N.M.R. patterns and
bioassay of
bradykinin triacetate (BKTA) succussion and dilutions, J Am Inst Hom
1968: 61
1972 Heintz, electronic measures, La mesure de l'action de
dilutions successives a l'aide, Ann Hom Fr 14:275-84
1975 Young, Nuclear magnetic resonance studies of succussed solutions
J Am Inst
1975 Luu-D-Vinh, Raman-Laser spectroscopy, Etude des dilutions
homeopathiques par effet Raman -Laser
1979 Kumar and Jussal, surface tension measurements, A
hypothesis on the nature of homeopathic potencies, Br Homeopathic
Journal 68:
1980 Boiron & Luu-D-Vinh, Raman Laser spectroscopy, Etude
de l'actionde la chaleur sur les dilutions hahnemanniennes par
raman. Ann Hom
Fr 22 (2):113-18
1982 Jussal, Meera, Dua, & Mishra, measured capacitance,
resistance and dielectric dispersion, H-ion concentrations,
electrode potentials using an LCR bridge, time domain
reflectance spectroscopy, digital pH meter, and nonpolarising
electrodes. Physical effects on the suspending medium by compounds
infinite dilutions, Hahnemannian Gleanings, 3: 114-120
1983 Jussal, Meera, & Dua Dielectric dispersion of weak alcoholic
solutions of
some drugs at high frequencies using Time Domain Spectroscopy
Gleanings, 8: 358-366
1983 Sacks, A.D. nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy,
Nuclear Magnetic Resonance spectroscopy of homeopathic remedies J.
Holist. Med.
5, 2: 172-177
1988 De Guidice, E. Preparata, G. Vitello, G. Water as a free electric
dipole laser Phys. Rev. Lett. 61: 1085-1088
1990 Weingartner, O. Nuclear magnetic resonance NMR features
that relate to homeoapthic Sulfur potencies Berlin, J. Res. Hom. 1,
1992 Demangeat, L., Demangeat, C., Gries, P.,Poitevin, B.,
Constanstinesco,A. Nuclear magnetic resonance. In this study
vortexed potencies of Silicea in a concentration of 1.66X 10-5
to 1.66x 10-29 moll Silicea in 0.9% NaCl were investigate by
means of NMR. Special attention was to the relaxation times
T1 and T2 of the hydrogen protons Modifications des temps de
RMN a 4 MHz des protons du solvant dans les tres hatures diltuions
salines de

1994 Shui-Yin Lo, photo microscopy, (see pictures of Ice
Electric, or "homeopathic" crystals below) In this unusual and
controversial experiment, the Lo team, according to Dana
Ullman, used an still yet unknown technique to actually
photograph hydrogen bonding in water, revealing the suggestion
that homeopathic drugs are a type of liquid crystal "Anomalous State
of Ice," Modern Physics Letters B, 10,19(1996):909-919. See also,
Properties of
Water with IE Structures," Modern Physics Letters B, 10, 19(1996) :

1996 Conte, Berliocchi, Lasgne and Vernot, nuclear magnetic
resonance, infrared, beta scintillation, In this amazing little book
this interdisciplinary French team presents the first nuclear
theory for homeopathic drugs. According to the authors when
matters disappears by dilution and is potentized by succussion,
it leaves the opposite of the well known super dense black hole,
what the authors call a WHITE HOLE and discuss a new
atomic particle, the HYPERPROTON. This investigation they
believe reveals the first model for the drive of animated matter.
In this report they evidence the emission of Beta radiation from
homeopathic drugs. Theory of High Dilutions, Polytechnica,

1999 Wodtke & Benneth, Kirlian photography This was my
first experiment into homeopathic research. Not knowing that
the literature abounded with examples at the time, I thought that
there were no methods by which to detect or identify
homeopathic substances. In Jean Elmiger's Rediscovering
Real Medicine I had read that homeopathic remedies could be
identified through the use of electrography, or Kirlian
photography. Using the Web, I located Chris Wodtke, who
possessed what he claimed was the most advanced Kirlian
photography equipment available. He agreed to attempt to
identify five samples of homeopathic drugs and controls in a
blind test. I sent him two bottles of homeopathic Anacardium
and three bottles with identical control control solutions. He
succeeded in identifying four out of the five in this test. We
believe the fifth item, which was misidentified, may have
become potentized by the previous samples. World Wide Web

1999 Vittorio Elia and Marcella Niccoli, thermography,
"Thermodynamics of Extremely Diluted Aqueous Solutions," Annals of the
New York
Academy of Sciences, June, 827:241-248.

1999 John Benneth, hydrogen ion concentrations I measured
pH change induced by dilution and succussion of acetic acid
(vinegar). I used a Red pHish pHarm bromothymol blue pH test
kit obtained from a tropical fish shop, and get one that measures
the higher range of pH. I also obtained a half dozen 1 oz. clean
eyedropper bottles and sterilized them. Also white vinegar. I
used as my water base 8.6 water. This was obtained by
electrolyzing tap water into its acid and base components and
using the base.
I used the Korsakov method, succussing fifty times for each
dilution. I "aged" my dilutions five minutes each. However, my
sense of things is that "aging" is only necessary at first. The
dilution of one drop vinegar per 100 with succussion should be
aged 24 hours. Each dilution will increase your exponent 100
I believe Avogadro's limit occurs at the 12th "C" dilution,
reportedly a dilution of 10 to the 24th power.
I used the Korsakov method of preparation. In this method,
you dump out the contents of the bottle and set it on its mouth
on a paper towel to let the excess water on the insides drain
away for a minute or two. Then refill the bottle to about a third
of the way full. Let it crystallize in your thinking there as well .
. Succuss it against a book, like a phone book. Then let it sit for
a bit an then repeat the process. You may wish to note the
The test kit instructions says to fill the tube they include in
test kit to the 6 ml mark and use three drops. I fill to just 2 and
use one drop, which gives me three
times the use of the bottle of bromothymol blue. You'll see why
using more is just
wasteful, especially when you're doing so many tests, and you'll
only get two tests per bottle, which is okay. You can test the
results immediately that way and then once after a few moments
or minutes, i.e. one third of an ounce water in your succussion
bottle is enough for a couple of tests.
5. Proof through Physiology 2 reports
Jaeger galvanometer 1880 measured reaction times
Fincke chronoscope !881 mesured reaction times

Proof through Zoology 9 reports

1923 N.P. Krawkow- Demonstrated 15c histamine increased
the blood flow in isolated rabbit ears 25% and using 12c
microdoses of adrenaline, strychnine, histamine and quinine
was able to affect the change of pigmentation in the isolated
skins of frogs. Controls were used. "Beyond the Boundary of
Sensibility of
Living Protoplasm" Zeitschrift fur die Gesamte Experimntalle Medizin,

1925 G. Stearns & M. Stark reported the action of
microdilutes on fruit fly tumors. In this fascinating study we see
that microdilutes actually altered the genetics of their subjects. A
genetically determined tendency to tumor formation ceased to
exist after the administration of a microdilution of the tumor itself
(isopathy). Controls were used. Other microdilutes were used
to no effect. "Experiments with Homeopathic Potentized Substances
Given to
Dropsophilia Melanogaster with Hereditary Tumors", The Homeopathic
Recorder, 40.

1925 G. Stearns tested microdilutions of salt on guinea pigs and
demonstrated adverse affects from 30c to 1000c sodium
chloride. He noted loss of appetite, aversion for bread, loss of
weight, their young poorly nourished and scrawny, less active,
indifferent, hair less glossy, rough, untidy, eyes watery, lack
luster. And homeopaths brag that their "remedies" (which are
actually legal drugs) can do no harm! There were 16 female
control animals, and they all became pregnant, whereas only
31% of the 48 female experimental animals became pregnant.
At the end of five months over half, 55% of the experimental
animals were dead compared to only 35% of the control
animals "Experimental Data on One of the Fundamental Claims in
Homeopathy", The
Journal of the American Institute of Homeopathy, 18.

1927 Karl Konig used microdilutes to experiment on frogs and
fungi. He discovered that by using dilutions of of lead and silver
nitrate ranging from 1 to 15c he could cause a premature
metamorphosis in Rana fusca (common frog tadpoles) or kill
them or the fungus in the water. Once again here we see that
homeopathic drugs can have negative organic affects. Controls
were used and the sinusoidal curve that we see in many
experiments of diverse measures is first noted here. "On the Effect of
Extremely Diluted ("Homeopathic") Metal Salt Solutions on the
Development and
Growth of Tadpoles. Zeitschrift fur die Gesamte Experimentalle
Medizin, 34, pp.

1929 Vladimir Vondracek repeated Konig's work, and instead
of lead and silver nitrate used gold chloride and a different
species of frog. At 12c he also reported a significant increase in
the mortality of tadpoles, and also obtained a repetition of the
sinusoidal curve. "The Mortality of Tadpoles in Ultra Solutions"
Zeitschrift fur
Gesamte Experimentelle Medizin. 66 pp. 533-538

1932 George Russell Henshaw discovered a method for
influencing serum flocculation in rabbits. Using Bryonia alba
and Baptista tinctoria he showed a reaction in some of his
subjects "A New Method of Determining the Indicated Remedy by a
Test of the Serum The Journal of the American Institute of Homeopathy,
1080-1086, 1292-1299 Some of these old blood tests are obviously what
might have
influenced Jean Benveniste

1932 Joseph Roy induced tetanus in guinea pigs and using a an
application of microdilute was able and demonstrated that a
microdilute serum could affect mortality. The animals that
received the 9x serum died within hours, the controls who
received simple saline solution lived several days and those who
received a 40c injection of homeopathic serum did not die. He
repeated his experiment, except this time he used a suspension
of tuberculosis . In this case the animals who received the
homeopathic sera became much more ill than those that did not,
once again showing that homeopathic drugs can have adverse

1951 J. Jarricot showed that veratrine sulfate 30c could
decrease muscle contraction in frogs, and that Iberis amara in
dilutions of 18c to 118c could slow the heart beat of turtles.
The work appeared to be well controlled. "The Infinitessimals
of Homeopathic Physicians Editions des Laboratoires P.H.R,.

1997 Endler, P.C., and Pongratz, W. repeated the work of
Konig in affecting the development of tadpoles. , Potentized thyroxine
and amphibian metamorphosis, HomInt R&D Newsletter, 2:/1997: 14-18

7. Molecular etiology: This is how three people think the motive force
homeopathy is produced
a.) Randi ideomotor, in your head 1999
b.)Conte et al hyperproton 1996 c.)
c.) Benneth, crystalliferous hydrogen bonding 1999

The question inevitably arises, what is it about homeopathically
potentized water that makes it structurally different from
ordinary water?
In a series of amazing photographs, Shui-Yin-Lo actually
photographed pictures of homeopathic "electric ice" crystals in
water. Here are two pictures taken from Paul Callinan's
excellent web site (a must read)
"Ice crystal structures in homeopathic medicine"
(picture from Paul Callinan's

Anyone who has questions regarding this or wants to
work with me in replicating any of these tests is welcome
to write or call
503 661 4842

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It makes me sad to think that I was one of the people years ago who argued
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