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Welcome to the San Juan County (Washington State) Farmer-to-Farmer Message Board! Please utilize this group to share locally relevant announcements, resources, events, equipment/land for sale or lease, help wanted, in search of work/land/equipment/etc, discussion topics with fellow farmers, and everything in between. The group is public: You can read the group’s messages without joining it. To send messages, you will need a Google Account to join and participate. (If you don't have a Gmail address, you first need to associate your email address with a Google Account: Create a Google Account without changing your email address)
Once you have joined the group, send a message to fellow members using one of these methods:
1. Click New conversation, at the top left of this page, enter your message & click Post message.
2. Address an email to
To reply to messages, please select reply and reserve reply all for intentional group discussionsThis message board is currently moderated by the San Juan County WSU Extension Ag Program. Please contact the Ag Program Coordinator at for questions or concerns.

The moderators of this group are not responsible for messages made by group members and reserve the right to remove any content that:
· Contains profanity or obscenity
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Moderators also reserve the right to ban or block members who are repeat or egregious offenders of this policy.