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SiteBlaster is a web site / image server load and stress testing tool. It can be used to rapidly submit requests to a site. Or, it can pause a random amount of time between submissions; approximating the behavior of a user. While the testing is being performed, the pages being tested will be displayed. When testing is complete, a report is available that can be viewed or printed.

SiteBlaster is designed to be very easy to use and is intended for software developers and architects who want to test for memory leaks and/or get some early indication about the performance characteristics of the web sites they create.   SiteBlaster was used to load and stress test USGovXML.  USGovXML is an index to publicly available web services and XML data sources provided by the US Government.

SiteBlaster v 3.0 Beta uses the .Net API to access web pages.  However, when it selects a page to display, it simulates Internet Explorer web browsing functionality. Consequently, a web page that is well behaved in Internet Explorer should be well behaved if displayed by SiteBlaster.  Note: SiteBlaster does not display all web pages it accesses.

SiteBlaster is best used to test those sites that use URL query strings to pass data to its web page(s).  A more detailed examination of the features and operation of SiteBlaster is available by viewing its user guide (see the Files section below).

SiteBlaster is shareware; feel free to share it with your friends and associates.    Click here to download the 3.0 Beta version.