VS 2017 Problem with .wsdl to creare Server Side SIRI-VM

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Rocco Celenta

Mar 10, 2022, 5:26:39 AM3/10/22
to SIRI Developers
I downloaded "SIRI Schema" version 2 from the site : http://www.siri.org.uk/
and I would like to create a WebServer for Vehicle Monitoring.

Thanks to the instructions found in this group, I found out how to generate the code for SIRI Class.

Open the Developer powershell for VS 2017 console and run the command below to generate the code.
xsd /n:SIRI acsb\acsb_accessibility-v0.3.xsd acsb\acsb_all-v0.3.xsd acsb\acsb_limitations-v0.2.xsd acsb\acsb_passengerMobility-v0.3.xsd datex2\DATEXIISchema_1_0_1_0.xsd ifopt\ifopt_administration-v0.3.xsd ifopt\ifopt_allStopPlace-v0.3.xsd ifopt\ifopt_checkpoint-v0.3.xsd ifopt\ifopt_countries-v0.2.xsd ifopt\ifopt_equipment-v0.3.xsd ifopt\ifopt_location-v0.3.xsd ifopt\ifopt_modes-v0.2.xsd ifopt\ifopt_modification-v0.3.xsd ifopt\ifopt_path-v0.2.xsd ifopt\ifopt_stop-v0.3.xsd ifopt\ifopt_time-v0.2.xsd ifopt\ifopt_types-v0.2.xsd datex2\DATEXIISchema_2_0RC1_2_0.xsd xml\xml.xsd siri.xsd   /classes

But now I like to creare e WS server side only for Vehicle Monitoring.
Is there someone who can help me.

Winfried Bruns

Mar 10, 2022, 3:06:22 PM3/10/22
to SIRI Developers
Sorry, but you got an old website.

Please look at the following links to get an up to date xml schema:
https://www.vdv.de/siri.aspx (latest official version: o)

Rocco Celenta

Mar 11, 2022, 4:18:08 AM3/11/22
to SIRI Developers
Thanks, I downloaded the "xsd" folder from https://www.vdv.de/siri.aspx
version "XSD-Schema (o) for SIRI V2.0 (2015)"

With the command :"xsd /n:SIRI ...   /classes" I have create the C# Class.

Now I like to creare e WS server side only for Vehicle Monitoring.
How can I do ?
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