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Morix Dev

Oct 16, 2015, 11:16:31 AM10/16/15
to SIRI Developers
Hello everybody,
I am new to SIRI development and I've a maybe stupid question (consider that I am currently targeting SIRI 1.3; I don't know if my question makes sense also for other versions)...

Looking at SIRI documentation is appears clear that every functional service as an unique endpoint, is it right? I mean: I have to send all the requests for a given service to a unique URL, right?

So, let's imagine that SIRI-ET service is mapped on URL "" and let's imagine that I have to implement the Producer of the service...

I think that this implies that, for example, both EstimatedTimeTableSubscription and EstimatedTimeTableRequest have to be sent to "" and it is up to my implementation to discriminate the incoming message, right?

Or it is possible to specialize the URL, so that for example subscriptions requests are sent to "" and direct data requests are sent to ""?

And what about "CheckStatus" requests? I have to handle them on the same SIRI-ET endpoint or they have to be directed to other endpoints?

Overall: can you point me out a good resource for finding SIRI examples showing real world data, so that I can clarify some aspects? (I've already seen and that's good for having some examples of the messages, but I would like to see some examples showing the complete interaction between systems).

Thanks & regards,
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