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Bruce McDonald

Aug 1, 2014, 1:35:56 AM8/1/14

I am aware of the onebusaway project on github and note that its core library for SIRI does not attempt a compile of the SIRI WSDL and XSD's.

I am unable to get the WSDL and XSD to compile without modifying what I download  from the  (version 1.4 specifically)

I am using wsimport from jdk 7 and it runs into a variety of issues when compiling it. 

Which coverter(s) are the schema producers using. Its a little bit important if we are to have interoperability.

Frumin, Michael

Aug 1, 2014, 7:29:22 AM8/1/14
to <>
They are compiled in one of the other OneBusAway repos, eg:

But these are all v1.3.  In theory there are now 2.x XSDs but it's hard to tell what state of official approval they are in. 

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Tony Laidig

Aug 1, 2014, 1:12:13 PM8/1/14
I've compiled the latest (July 4th) SIRI 2.0 XSD using a recent JDK7/ xjc and put it on Github.
I intend to keep updating these as I receive new XSDs.

As for being finalized, I've been told the following prior to receiving said XSD:

"SIRI consists of 5 documents using one common XSD-schema. Documents Parts 1-3 are finalised in version 2.0. The XSD will be changed now on the base of the comments on part 1-3 and later this year to reflect the changes in document part 5.You could use the XSD version which will be published this summer (probably June) or (if you are not in a hurry) wait for the version of next year."

Bruce McDonald

Aug 3, 2014, 8:47:32 PM8/3/14

Saw your "ReadMe - WS - I.txt". Even the latest version needs tweaking before it will compile to java.

Would be good if the Schema produces could ensure that the WSDL generates on common platforms.

BTW: is version 2 of SIRI being used in anger by anyone ?
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