Expressing a "replacement journey" relationship in a SIRI-SX consequence

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Ronny Spiegel

Mar 13, 2015, 4:30:04 AM3/13/15

I'm currently evaluating whether it makes sense to integrate a SIRI-SX service into our software landscape. Focus is on exchanging information with other operators to improve customer information.

Unfortunately there is a use-case which I cannot explain using SX. Let's say there is a journey and for whatever reason this journey get's cancelled. The SX flow would look like this:

_ create a Situation with some Reason
_ append a Consequence with an AffectsScope element containing this journey
_ set the ServiceCondition field in the consequence to cancelled

Now an operator decides to provide some kind of replacement journey for this cancelled one. Let's say he provides some additional journey via SIRI-ET or sth. like this.
What I'd like to express in an update to the Situation is the relationship between the cancelled journey and the additional replacement journey.

Up to now I would:

_ update the Situation
_ set the ServiceCondition field in the consequence to replacement service ?

But what's missing is the relationship between the cancelled journey and the extra journey. If I had this information I could provide some better information to my customers.
I know I can append an advice with some free text to the Consequence but that's not what I want :)

How is the described situation intended to be handled using SIRI? Do I have to use an extension for this?

Any ideas?

Thank you!


Tony Laidig

Mar 22, 2015, 11:09:42 PM3/22/15

My first shot at this is to update the situation with two Affects, one with Condition cancelled, the other with Condition replacementService.  
Here's an incomplete but hierarchically correct XML representation:


The other option, which I haven't sketched out, is to create a second Situation and use a Reference/RelatedToRef between them, but I think that the multi-AffectedVehicleJourney is a little easier to parse.

Hope this helps,
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