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Keith Laidlaw

Sep 11, 2021, 4:57:10 PM9/11/21
to sipxcom-users
I see some bits of sipXcom 21.04, e.g. here.  It says "not released".  It raises a few questions/concerns:

1. With the acquisition, has sipXcom moved?
2. Has sipXcom been renamed?
3. Has sipXcom been passed on to another group (forked)?
4. Has development ceased?
4. If sipXcom is still alive, what OS will they be developing for given the demise of CentOS?  Rocky?

We have used the product for many years and have mostly had excellent success.  To continue with sipXcom, I would have to know where to find the activity (development and user forums) as it looks idle right now. 

In the unfortunate case that it is EOL, we can continue to use it for a while (perhaps a few years) but we will need a migration path.  If there is a lively fork that is maintained by a good group of people, I'd like to know what that is.

Worst case, if sipXcom is in "hospice care" right now, can someone recommend a good migration path to an alternate that was managed as well as sipXcom was?


Hope someone can shed light on this

Michael Picher

Sep 13, 2021, 8:31:30 AM9/13/21
to sipxcom-users
Hi Keith,

sipXcom has been more of a user community for quite a while. It would be great to see some other developers pitch in (especially around phones / firmware / etc.). As such, you usually only see admin type questions here.

1. Not sure what you mean by moved? Coredial has a developer working on this code.
2. sipXcom has not been renamed.
3. I don't know if somebody else has forked the code or not. We continue to develop as we have before but not making large scale development efforts.
4. No development has not ceased. We're just not making regular releases of builds.
5. We're not sure yet where we're going with this. Probably Rocky as that seems to be the 'easy button'.

We're working on some improvements with availability. We've worked out a scheme to have configuration data on all servers in a cluster and an easy means to promote a secondary server to primary in case of primary server failure.

Also some improvements to registration page that will show registrations over time so that problems with registrations can more easily be spotted.

We're going through some regression testing now and hope to make a new release a new build shortly.


Keith Laidlaw

Sep 13, 2021, 5:23:46 PM9/13/21
to sipxcom-users
Thank you for your very detailed answer.  Most of these answers lead me to believe that sipXcom still is a strong product and will serve us well for the foreseeable future.  I look forward to the next release.

As for "moved", I was meaning the website and ftp site.  I asked that because both seem to have dwindled in activity (for reasons you mentioned) and didn't want to find out that the entire project had a new web and ftp site that I didn't know about.  I now see that is not the case.

Love the registration page enhancement.  Our biggest problems are registrations.

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