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Marco Colaneri

Sep 30, 2021, 4:53:43 PM9/30/21
to sipxcom-users

Is there any way to associate a gateway to multiple locations? I'm testing sipxcom 20.08 and I can link a gateway to a single location only. I know that you can set the gateway shared but that could not match the needs in some scenarios.
Consider, for example, the following:
Scenario 1:
Location 1: primary gateway A, backup gateway B
Location 2: primary gateway C, backup gateway B
Location 3: primary gateway D, backup gateway E

If I set gateway B shared, it is shared by all locations but Location 3 should not use it.

Scenario 2:

Location 1: primary gateway A, backup gateway B
Location 2: primary gateway A, backup gateway C.

If I set gateway A shared and link gateway B to location 1 and gateway C to location 2, the position of the shared gateway is not considered in the dial-plan. Even if gateway A is first gateway in the dial-plan rules, outboud calls are sent first to location specific gateways (gateway B for location 1 and gateway C for location 2)

Has anyone configured and tested these scenarios?  Do you agree that adding the option to link a gateway to multiple location could help to cover these cases?


Todd Hodgen

Sep 30, 2021, 5:15:34 PM9/30/21
to Marco Colaneri, sipxcom-users

Why not define this via access control in the dial plan.   Give the users rights to a dialing plan, and then define the dialing plan with the gateways you want them to use.


Example – create permissions in the permissions tab.   Location1, Location2, Location2


For users in each location, enable that permission.


Create dial plan for Location1, make Location1 permission required to access the dial plan.   Enter Gateway’s A and B under gateways for that group.


Pretty sure this should work for you.

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Marco Colaneri

Oct 1, 2021, 5:10:44 AM10/1/21
to Todd Hodgen, sipxcom-users
Hi Todd,

thanks for your contribution. I can try your way but I think that won't work as reported in the following wiki article:

"Selecting Dial Plans By Permission Does Not Work
This is admittedly not what you might expect, but fixing it is unfortunately not easy.

When dial plans are evaluated, they are checked in order - the first match for the dial string (the user part of the SIP URL) and domain is used, regardless of whether or not the caller has permission to use it. The permission check takes place later, and no matter what the outcome of that check, only the first matching dial plan is tried.

This means that it will not work to have more than one dial plan that matches the same dial strings and use permissions to control which is used for a given call."

Another idea the came to my mind is to create different gateway for each location with FQDNs that points to the same IP address. In this way, Sipx should consider them like different gateways.
In scenario 1: 
- create gatewayB1 with FQDN:gwb1.mysipdomain that is resolved as "ip address of gateway B" and link it to location 1
- create gatewayB2 with FQDN:gwb2.mysipdomain that is resolved as "ip address of gateway B" and link it to location 2
I'm not sure that this works but I think that is a workaround and not a real solution.

Michael Picher

Oct 1, 2021, 6:24:49 AM10/1/21
to Marco Colaneri, Todd Hodgen, sipxcom-users
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