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Sep 12, 2018, 8:28:55 AM9/12/18
to sipxcom-dev
I'm trying to write a phone plugin for Digium phones. We have a lot of clients that use Switchvox, and I'd like to have a simple way to swap to UniteMe without having to buy new phones when time comes to refresh their phone system.

I'm using this page as a starting point to get there:

What I'm not sure about is the project structure of the plugin. The page mentions sipXconfig, but I'm not seeing any references to existing phone plugins (other than the Acme example) in the repo ( I also think that the repo was broken off from the main repo for their future docker setup since it was made in 2017 and the plugin docs are from 2015.

To that end, I thought maybe the main repo ( would be the ticket since the build system includes options for building to RPM and ISO. However, the build docs are also from 2015 ( I was able to get through most of it on CentOS 7 because I'm familiar with dev tools (I didn't try very hard on CentOS 6 because there's no rpm for thttpd), but got stuck at the 'make repo-init' step because make wants to pull repo information from a URL that does not exist.

Can anyone clue me in to the correct process to building sipxecs, and then adding a phone plugin to it?


Mircea Carasel

Sep 12, 2018, 8:52:53 AM9/12/18
to, sipxcom-dev

You need to create a new java project, there are several examples in the source code, such as sipXpolycom, sipXyealink, sipXgrandstream
Pull the sources and take the existing phone plugins, metioned above as example.


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Mircea Carasel

Sep 12, 2018, 8:55:28 AM9/12/18
to, sipxcom-dev
Also, this is how to build from sources

Please mind that we do not support centos7 yet
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