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Mar 20, 2019, 12:12:08 AM3/20/19
to sipxcom-dev
Dear All,

I currently installed SipXcom 18.12 on Virtual Box, and installed properly as mentioned in the Quickstart Document of SipXcom. All the services are running, except the SipRegistrar.

It is displaying error as below:

SipRegistrar: run Unable to initialize the server.

It would be a great help, if anyone helps me to solve the issue.

Thank You

Michael Picher

Mar 20, 2019, 5:06:34 AM3/20/19
to, sipxcom-dev
This isn't really an appropriate msg for the dev forum. This is a sipxcom-users message.

I'd also hazard a guess that your problem lies with dns. 

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Mar 22, 2019, 6:32:00 AM3/22/19
to sipxcom-dev
Following is the log of sipregistrar.....

2019-03-22T10:04:44.824208Z":4:SIP:NOTICE:localhost.localdomain::7f7238ffb800:sipxregistry:"SipRegistrar >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> STARTED"
"2019-03-22T10:04:44.885610Z":5:KERNEL:NOTICE:localhost.localdomain:SipRegistrar:7f722e55c700:sipxregistry:"OsTimer::TimerService STARTED."
"2019-03-22T10:04:44.885934Z":6:SIP:NOTICE:localhost.localdomain:SipRegistrar:7f722e55c700:sipxregistry:"SIP Timer Values -  mUnreliableTransportTimeoutMs : 100 mMaxResendTimeoutMs : 800 mTransactionStateTimeoutMs : 8000 mDefaultExpiresSeconds : 180 mDefaultSerialExpiresSeconds : 20"
"2019-03-22T10:04:44.889322Z":7:SIP:NOTICE:localhost.localdomain::7f722b752700:sipxregistry:"SipUserAgent::handleCancelQueue - STARTED"
"2019-03-22T10:04:44.889378Z":8:SIP:CRIT:localhost.localdomain:SipRegistrar:7f722e55c700:sipxregistry:"[150-ISN] SipRedirectorISN::readConfig BASE_DOMAIN parameter missing or empty"
"2019-03-22T10:04:44.889733Z":9:SIP:CRIT:localhost.localdomain:SipRegistrar:7f722e55c700:sipxregistry:"[160-ENUM] SipRedirectorENUM::readConfig BASE_DOMAIN parameter missing or empty"
"2019-03-22T10:04:44.892136Z":10:SIP:ERR:localhost.localdomain:SipRegistrar:7f722e55c700:sipxregistry:"SipRegistrar::operationalPhase Exception: Failed to call findOne, no good nodes in sipxecs"
"2019-03-22T10:04:44.892157Z":11:SIP:EMERG:localhost.localdomain:SipRegistrar:7f722e55c700:sipxregistry:"SipRegistrar::run Unable to initialize server"
"2019-03-22T10:04:45.880956Z":12:SIP:NOTICE:localhost.localdomain::7f7238ffb800:sipxregistry:"main: cleaning up."
"2019-03-22T10:04:45.881336Z":13:KERNEL:NOTICE:localhost.localdomain::7f7238ffb800:sipxregistry:"Exiting sipxregistry"

In the application settings, I kept it as :

Primary Server : Yes
Host : localhost
SIP Domain: localhost.localdomain
Network Domain: localhost.localdomain

It is still showing the same error, can you help me out?


Michael Picher

Mar 22, 2019, 7:31:28 AM3/22/19
to, sipxcom-dev
And I was right.

Take this to the users forum please and start again. 

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