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Jason Tuschen

May 4, 2021, 4:44:33 PMMay 4
to Singularity Community Edition

Greetings to the community. My name is Jason Tuschen and I have been the CEO of Sylabs since April of 2020.  In 2018, a 27-year career in the Navy came to an end and I started a small consulting firm which included Sylabs as a customer. From my first moment interacting with the current team at Sylabs, I was impressed with their work ethic, their integrity, and their passion for Singularity.  I am also humbled to be part of a team and community that directly contributes to the betterment of the world.

 One lesson that has rung true over all my years leading teams around the globe in the most challenging of environments is that transparency, open communication and collaboration are always a recipe for success. That is just as critical to an open source community like Singularity as it is to the SEAL Teams.  

 Since transferring the repositories to HPCng in May of 2020, Sylabs has remained a key contributor to the project but has not been involved in the HPCng board or management. Contributors need to trust the organization that manages a project, and understand how decisions are made. Further, we would like to see this endeavor and the community rise to the next level of transparency and development.  After much deliberation and discussion, we have decided to fork the source code of Singularity as the best way to make that happen.

 Part of our plan is to release Singularity 3.8 from the Sylabs fork on or close to the original timetable. Sylabs will continue to contribute to Singularity under the permissive BSD license, so there is no effect on the ability to be able to use and incorporate the software in your projects and workflows. We will keep things simple by retaining the same code of conduct etc. that have been in place since before the code was contributed to HPCng. 

 We favor keeping things as-is until we have a community of users / contributors and all parties are able to suggest and discuss any changes effectively. In the near future, we will schedule Zoom calls with this community in order to hear those suggestions and changes that you want to see implemented.

 Any transition regardless of how big or small, can be disruptive.  We firmly believe that transparency and open dialogue mitigate that disruption.  It is our sincere hope that the entire community embrace that open dialogue and freely communicate among each other to ensure the best outcome for Singularity.

All the best and thank you for what you do, Jason

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