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Henrik Bechmann

Mar 24, 2011, 7:38:22 PM3/24/11
I've picked over the code fairly extensively, and now release this latest version: release candidate 1 of simplewiki. Go to download to get a copy.

The main changes:

It's about 80% faster
Technical documentation (lots of annotation assembled by Doxygen) is available.
A few new features (not many) including quick markup for definition lists.
Lots of internal code maintenance, including lots of renaming.

See changelog for more details.

For details on document node properties available for the various document node types passed to registered handlers, see the technical docs for document nodes (Native_SimpleWiki_DocNode).

Markup breaker: opening and closing tags of nested block definitions are now differentiated through differing numbers of leading tab-chars, as opposed to embedded numbers, so 





... where the indentation is accomplished through tabs, not spaces. The regex methods seem to do something screwy with white space so I tried for about a day to allow spaces as well as tabs, but had to give up. Maybe in the future, but for now, just tab indentation...

Code breaker: If you had registered methods or extended classes, your code will almost certainly break on changed internal naming. I left the existing API names alone though.

I haven't gone over the native registered handlers and callbacks in Native_SimpleWiki much.

Overall I think it's much more robust.

As always, feedback is very welcome.

I'll be working on stuff for the next couple of months, and will likely release SimpleWiki to version 1.0 after that.


- Henrik


Christian Sciberras

Mar 24, 2011, 8:08:40 PM3/24/11
to, Henrik Bechmann
Hello Henrik,

I'm currently too busy to replace the current implementation with this one, but from what I see, there's a major improvement!
Comments/PHPDoc seem to make stuff much more clearer. Hope I get some time soon to seriously play with it a bit.


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Henrik Bechmann

Mar 24, 2011, 8:31:11 PM3/24/11
Thanks Chris.

Re docs, I was mainly swayed by the fact that Doxygen is active, PHPDoc apparently not...IAC at least there's something now! But please let me know where I could make the notes clearer, or by all means submit additional notes or alternatives.

Looking forward to your feedback.

- Henrik
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