How To: Create a custom renderer that can create a similar navigation to Bootstrap

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Oct 16, 2013, 5:29:05 PM10/16/13
Hi All,

I have been at this for the past week now and I'm hitting my head against the wall. I'm trying to create a navigation using Simple Navigation but it's proving damn near impossible for me... I'm at my technical limits with this gem. The issue is that I'm trying to create a custom renderer that can handle a navigation that operates similar to a bootstrap nav but with some slight nuances. 

Check this SO post:

Basically, my Nav has the following limitations:
1. All of the main list items must have a nested SPAN with a class of "glow" that proceeds ANY anchors (This part I am able to achieve)
2. The anchors live within the List items and the "Active" class is applied to the list item, NOT the anchor
3. Inside the anchor is an icon element with a class related to whatever page we are linking to.
4. List items with nested children must have visible markup (for some reason this one is tricky with Simple_Nav)

That's a fair start....

If you check out the SO post, you will see all of the markup that I've been wrestling with.

Is there a good soul out there who would be able to help put mine at ease?

Andi Schacke

Oct 17, 2013, 4:00:14 PM10/17/13
Hey, please see my answer on Stack Overflow.

Cheers, Andi
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