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Lutz Hühnken

Feb 26, 2017, 1:59:32 PM2/26/17
to simple-build-tool

I didn't get an answer for my StackOverflow question so far, so I'll cross post it here in hope for some good advice:

Assume I have a multi-project build with the following dependencies:

Projekt A
Projekt B depends on A
Project C
Project D depends on C

Now I have a change in project C. When I compile/test in sub-project C, I want the commands to be automatically applied to D subsequently (because D relies on C and I may have broken an API), but not to A and B.

Is there a way in sbt to say "compile this sub-project and all projects that depend on it"?

This would be equivalent to buildDependents in Gradle, or --alsoMakeDependents in Maven, I believe.

If it doesn't exist yet, helpful hints on how to implement such a task are also most welcome.


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