Self Hosting the Simile API in three steps

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Jonathan Bogacki

Sep 7, 2010, 1:17:13 AM9/7/10
Hi Everyone,

Given the downtime recently, i've put together a blog-post on self-hosting the Exhibit API:

I have provided a zip with a full copy of the Simile API files at, with one small modification: all hard-coded references to the MIT server have been replaced (in part) with a
variable named apiPath.

Once these API files have been uploaded to your web-server, you can set the correct apiPath using the javascript below in your Exhibit HTML. Exhibit & its extension items can then be loaded as required by removing the preceding //’s.

Also included in the zip is a copy of the latest Exhibit trunk as at 4th Sep 2010 (which has some neat things not in version 2.2.0, such as Open Layers map view and Pagination), and Dan Langes simplemap-view.js (which removes dependencies on the MIT painter service for Map view).

I hope you find it useful!


<script type="text/javascript">
// Set the absolute path to your simile-api directory
var apiPath = '';
// Load Exhibit & Extention items as required
load( apiPath + '/exhibit/latest/exhibit-api.js' );
// load( apiPath + '/exhibit/latest/extensions/time/time-extension.js' );
// load( apiPath + '/exhibit/latest/extensions/timeplot/timeplot-extension.js' );
// load( apiPath + '/exhibit/latest/extensions/map/map-extension.js?gmapkey=' );
// load( apiPath + '/exhibit/latest/extensions/map/map-extension.js?service=openlayers' );
// load( apiPath + '/exhibit/latest/extensions/chart/chart-extension.js' );
// load( apiPath + '/exhibit/latest/extensions/calendar/calendar-extension.js' );

// load( apiPath + '/timeline/2.3.1/timeline-api.js' );
// load( apiPath + '/timeplot/1.1/timeplot-api.js' );
// load( apiPath + '/timegrid/timegrid-api.js' );
// load( apiPath + '/runway/1.0/runway-api.js' );

  function load( url ) {
   var script = '<script type="text/javascript" src="'+ url +'"></scr'+'ipt>\n';
   document.write( script );

l e

Sep 7, 2010, 8:27:25 AM9/7/10
tried that thanks it worked, i had some of my exhibits on my own server but not the painter, wasn't sure about that but it all works, some slight changes, vertical scrolling in exhibit timelines doesn't work, so unless thats something obvious i'll have to dig into my code myself to fix it.

its also useful to have the help files accessible, things like are disappearing

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Ivan Zhidov

Sep 16, 2010, 12:46:29 PM9/16/10
Does anybody have an example of how to make a carousel widget at to be Exhibit driven?
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