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Sep 22, 2013, 9:37:59 PM9/22/13
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New issue 498 by Osm Trickx


I'm Gonna Show You How to Change your facebook theme
Without Any Spam. I guarantee that For you .

Step 1 - Open This Link -

Step 2 - Copy the Full Code To do that Press Ctrl+A after That Crtl+C.
Make Sure You Copied The Full Code Correctly

Step 3 - Go back To Your Profile.
Now You Need to Open Console To Do that Follow The bellow Step

" IF you are using Firefox Press " Ctrl+Shift+K" .
IF you are using Google Chrome Press " Ctrl+Shift+ J

Step 4 - Now you Need To Paste The Code,
To Do that Press Ctrl+V. as the final Step press Enter and Wait 10
seconds ! All Done
Now Press "F12" to close The Console
There You go........

Here Is your New Facebook Theme Enjoy it -
Share with your friends?-

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