PackageCompleteURL - Simian Still Wants Me to Upload a Package (?)

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Jan 22, 2018, 6:20:16 PM1/22/18
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Hi All,

I have almost got Alistair's simian-export working with autopkg to enable uploading to an AWS S3 bucket.  The uploading works inasmuch as I can see the file in my S3 bucket.  The plist is likewise successfully uploaded to my Simian appspot instance.  I confirmed that the URL to the bucket, when opened in a browser tab, successfully downloads the package.  The PackageCompleteURL key is set in my plist as follows:

When I run managed software center on my mac, I do not see TextMate as an available package to install.  I do notice that my Simian server appears to want me to upload a package associated with TextMate per the message below:

How do I indicate to Simian that it should look in the plist to find the source of the package file.



Allister Banks

Jan 22, 2018, 6:51:11 PM1/22/18
Hey Marshall,
You don't need to, "it just works". :sweat_smile: The GUI is probably lying to you. Your full `managedsoftwareupdate -vv` would help, we can take this to Macadmins Slack if you'd like...

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Jan 22, 2018, 8:21:19 PM1/22/18
to Simian Discuss
You pointed me right where I needed to go =)  My config_track is 'BROKEN', so I was not in the track that I thought I was in to be offered the package that I uploaded.  I can see that here:

  :~/simian/git/simian-import$ sudo managedsoftwareupdate --show-config | head -3
Current configuration:
                   AdditionalHttpHeaders: (
    "X-munki-client-id: uptime=528182.1621|root_disk_free=2825916416|uuid=6b64-5089-68bad4c6545|user_disk_free=32825916416|track=|hostname=foobar|runtype=manualcheck|site=|os_version=10.13.2|on_corp=1|owner=marshall|mgmt_enabled=True|serial=C0923423232|last_notified_datetime=|client_version= simian-2.5|config_track=BROKEN|applesus=True"

Thanks Allister!

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