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Mar 8, 2018, 3:46:54 AM3/8/18
to simavr
Hello there,

I am a beginner trying to learn about AVR in detail, I just a board with ATxmega128A4U Microcontroller, I was wondering how I could use simavr to emulate programs written for the particular board. I have a set of already developed files, am curious to check them in with a dissasmbler.

Can anyone guide me?

Thanks in advance.

Ashwin Nambiar


Mar 8, 2018, 4:04:52 AM3/8/18
to simavr
There is no support for XMega, I personally never used one (nor do I
plan to, I don't think they make a hell of a lot of sense)...

Had a discussion with someone a few weeks ago who was trying to add
support, but I don't think her went anywhere. Apparently we don't need
a hell of a lot apart from the odd extra opcodes... and of course
adding cores -- but adding cores is quite easy once the opcodes are

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Mar 8, 2018, 5:23:57 AM3/8/18
to simavr
What if I want to maybe emulate, would have to change the source code the software?
I really wanted to see, how the binaries work. :)
Would be grateful if you could just point my in the right direction. :)


Mar 8, 2018, 5:29:52 AM3/8/18
to simavr
Given this exact same question was asked twice in a month or so, I
suppose it's either a school exercise or an attempt a
reverse-engineering something. In either cases, I don't really see the
point in spending time and effort on this -- unless you are of course
willing to fund me to do it :-)

The right direction is that you've got a huge amount of tools already
at your disposal, but none of them will spoon feed you!

Good luck :-)

Katu Txakur

Nov 14, 2018, 11:30:18 AM11/14/18
to simavr
Another newbie hoping to see support for XMega in simavr. Not a school project, I was wanting to have Jenkins run some automated tests in a docker container with simavr.
Although documentation says is easy, realistically I don't know enough about microcontrollers to add support myself..... how many "cups of coffee" do you need? :)
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