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Rev. Mike Senger

Apr 14, 2009, 6:54:54 PM4/14/09
    I would recommend all Cantheists watch this Video on-line or request the Free DVD set. This may be THE BEST RELIGIOUS LEGAL INSTRUCTION available!
    Virtually everything the Pastor is saying applies to us and our churches - even more so for Christian Churches.  I requested the DVD and it was sent within a few days, along with a nice note. I still have not finished watching it all, but I can highly recommend it based on what I have seen thus far.   
     It is an intensive legal seminar about religious law.  There are some excellent legal arguments, about lack of state standing and lack of court jurisdiction, that have not yet been fully developed in our Cantheist cases. 
    This really should be the first line of ANY defense - THAT WE ARE ABOVE THE LAW - and no civil court has any jurisdiction over us OR our religious worship.
     If you are facing indictment or arraignment you must use every opportunity to convey this.  Don't let yourself be indicted. Challenge state standing and court jurisdiction over your free-exercise of religion. Refuse to be arraigned or enter a plea until the standing/jurisdiction issue is resolved.  Contact the elected County or District Attorney and meet with them personally, as soon as possible after an arrest, so you can explain this to them personally.  
    Better yet, try to avoid being arrested, by demanding that the County Sherriff or other top LEO be summoned, and make your case to them personally. 
    This works best if you prepare a document package with multiple copies of your affidavits, and memorandum of law to support your position. It is also recommended that all plants and sacrament be labeled "Property of ____________ -  For Religious use Only.
    Try not to file anything  - unless it is marked SPECIAL APPEARANCE. Once you are arraigned and enter a plea, you are CONSENTING TO THE PROCESS, and the Courts jurisdiction over you.
    Scroll down to the bottom of this page and select "request a free DVD copy" or "view video now" 
E.C. Mike Senger
Church Of Cognizance
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