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Elias Bizannes

Jul 23, 2009, 6:09:44 AM7/23/09
to Silicon Beach Australia
On July 27 2009, this Google Group turns one year's old. It started
with no real goal other than bringing people together, and it has now
morphed into a central collaboration point for the broader technology
start-up scene, with over 600 people subscribed. Awesome.

But sometimes things get too awesome and arguably, its exceeded its
value due to its size. We can't control its operation (you are free to
post what you want and it would be crazy to shut this down). And
people will feel like that are missing out if they unsubscribe. As
such, the below are a list of guidelines to keep this list relevant
and useful for its extended lifetime.

* If you are new, introduce yourself (which also serves the practical
purpose of the moderators approving your posting privileges, as we get
dozens of spammers each day and need to manually approve new members).
This is your one opportunity to really toot your horn. Boast about
your achievements, your skills, and tell us about your goal. We want
to know who you are. Have a read of previous responses and do it in
this thread:

BUT... don't keep doing it. This forum is NOT a place to discuss ad
nauseum about your business or product. If you continue to do so, you
will be asked by the moderators to change your approach to
discussions. Only spammers get banned from this list, but your posting
privileges may get removed.

* Discuss issues that are of broader interest. Like-minded people that
care about tech & entrepreneurialism are on this list. It's a great
place to tap into knowledge and explore solutions to industry wide-

BUT...don't always bring it back to you. Whilst you may post questions
to help your business out, you need to realise you are using up
people's time. Don't over do it, and try to respond personally to
people so as to not contribute to the high volume of messages.

* Specific content guidelines.
- You SHOULD ask everyone about things you need, if you are having
- You SHOULD discuss industry issues and other other pain points
- You SHOULDN'T put a press release, like an event broadly linked to
tech. (You can if it's done with a personal angle.)
- You SHOULDN'T post jobs in this forum. (You may however, be creative
with your email signature to link to things like open jobs.)

BUT... Be conscious of your language and what you say about other
people. Government officials, Australian IT suppliers, venture
capitalists as well as entrepreneurs all watch discussions here.

* Don't get angry. Text is no substitute for physical human
interaction, and quite often, people cause offense due to brevity
without meaning to. Never respond in an angry manner, and if you must,
get into a private dialogue with the person

* Be considerate of your contribution. Take effort to add value to
BUT...this is not a casual chat forum, but a formal dialogue with
peers in the industry. Excessive postings by you that do not offer
unique knowledge, will test the patience of people. If you are asking
common questions like "where are the Silicon Beach drinks", please use
the Google search functionality of this Google group. Again, try to
write to people with personal emails if you need to ask such
questions. Only respond publicly if you are adding knowledge.

* Understand the audience. Of the 635 that, as of today, currently
- 130 or 20% get an abridged email (high level summaries of
- 122 or 19% get the Digest, which is a summary of all discussion that
day in full.
- 219 or 34% get a direct email whenever you post.
- 164 or 26% do not receive emails but some subscribe via RSS.
There are numerous individuals on this list with a high profile and
some that are very busy executives. By scanning the subscribers, it's
sobering to think how many important people get direct emails to every
discussion here. But it also means we shouldn't waste people's time so
as to not alienate those that add the most value.

* Be conscious of the audience here. When you are new, try to observe
current discussions to get a feel for how the culture of this list
works. Too many upfront postings early on without you having earned
much credibility will do damage to your personal reputation.

Feel free to respond to this thread with additional suggestions.

List owner.

Owen Thomas

Jul 23, 2009, 6:14:57 AM7/23/09

2009/7/23 Elias Bizannes <>

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