Day 5 Sierra Ski-O Results for Auburn Ski Club Training Center Sprints

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Tony Pinkham

Jan 30, 2013, 6:45:36 PM1/30/13
to Bay O-Net, Sierra Ski-O Tour,, Sharon Crawford, Damian Swift, Roberta Nancy Mulford, Kerie Raymond, Mike Poulsen, Scott Drumm, Ann Wiselogle, Ken Walker Sr, Greg Walker, Anna Voegele, liz muckerman, Jonathan Owens, Jonis, Carson, Paul A
Incredible courses and many of us did two, three, four, or five courses, so you'll see lots of second+ runs in the results (note the poleless skiing done by many competitors on the hilly white course). Anna Voegele did a terrific job designing these courses--no map exchange, lots of quick climbs followed by quick descents, and every leg had great choices for route selections (for the non beginner courses), some with off trail routes through the woods. It was fast and furious competition on all courses. Anna Voegele and Carol Schick-Lyda ran the event and did all the starts and finishes. Kerie Raymond (CROC) did registration. Tony Pinkham (BAOC), Greg Walker (CSU), Mike Poulsen (CROC), Scott Drumm (CROC), and Kerie Raymond (CROC) did E-punch. Control pickup crew unknown but I suspect that Nina Seemann helped Anna Voegele, Ken Walker, and Jonathan Owens.

White Course  (1400 m, 40 m climb, 10 controls)

Place            Runner Name(s)           Club      Time

   1  Ian Swift                           BAOC       25:43

 Second+ runs
   1  Greg Walker 5th run no poles        CSU         6:36
   2  Sharon Crawford 4th run             RMOC        8:17
   3  Fillan Swift 4th run no poles       BAOC        8:20
   4  Nina Seemann 3rd run                BAOC        8:39
   5  Ken Walker Sr 5th run no poles      CSU         9:17
   6  Tony Pinkham 4th run no poles       BAOC       10:43

Orange Course  (2400 m, 85 m climb, 13 controls)

Place            Runner Name(s)           Club      Time

   1  Nina Seeman                         BAOC       20:41
   2  Anndy Wiselogle                     CROC       44:54
   3  Rosemary Johnson                    BAOC     1:09:36
   4  Nancy Lindeman                      BAOC     1:38:16

 Second+ runs
   1  Greg Walker 4th run                 CSU        12:11
   2  Ken Walker 4th run                  CSU        16:34
   3  Fillan Swift 3rd                    BAOC       18:06
   4  Sharon Crawford 2nd run             RMOC       18:16
   5  Kerie Raymond 2nd run               CROC       28:05

Green Course  (2500 m, 90 m climb, 11 controls)

Place            Runner Name(s)           Club      Time

   1  Fillan Swift                        BAOC       22:43
   2  Mike Poulsen                        CROC       23:21
   3  Bob Cooley                          BAOC       33:20
   4  Patty Clemo                         BAOC       39:30

 Second+ run
   1  Greg Walker 3rd run                 CSU        13:36
   2  Jonathan Owens (2nd Course)         BAOC       16:48
   3  Robi Mulford 2nd run                BAOC       18:19
   4  Ken Walker 3rd run                  CSU        18:22
   5  Sharon Crawford 3rd run             RMOC       20:36
   6  Tony Pinkham 3rd run                BAOC       23:07
   7  Nina Seeman 2nd run                 BAOC       23:45

Red Course  (2700 m, 130 m climb, 12 controls)

Place            Runner Name(s)           Club      Time

   1  Ken Walker Sr.                      CSU        23:18
   2  Robi Mulford                        BAOC       23:39
   3  Sharon Crawford                     RMOC       26:30
   4  Tony Pinkham                        BAOC       32:44
   5  Kerie Raymond                       CROC       38:35
   6  Damian Swift                        BAOC       39:41
   7  Brenda Giese                        BAOC       43:15
   8  Scott Drumm                         CROC       44:59

 Second+ runs
   1  Greg Walker 2nd run                 CSU        17:05
   2  Jonathan Owens 3rd run              BAOC       20:38
   3  Jason Tedrow 2nd run                CROC       23:13
   4  Paul Carson 2nd run                 BAOC       23:58
   5  Fillan Swift 2nd run                BAOC       28:26

Blue Course  (3000 m, 140 m climb, 14 controls)

Place            Runner Name(s)           Club      Time

   1  Greg Walker                         CSU        18:21
   2  Donatas Ereminas                    BAOC       19:37
   3  Jonathan Owens                      BAOC       22:33
   4  Paul Carson                         BAOC       26:33
   5  Jason Tedrow                        CROC       31:31
   6  Bill Voegele                        None       43:23

 Second+ runs
   1  Ken Walker Snr 2nd run              CSU        26:52
   2  Tony Pinkham 2nd run                BAOC       35:07
   3  Damian Swift 2nd run                BAOC       44:30

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