Lucas wins 'most popular video of the month' award

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Ian Ozsvald

Nov 1, 2007, 2:08:17 PM11/1/07
Lucas - your 'What is Ruby?' video ( is our second most popular video this month (after Siddhi's Django video) so you win this month's Most Popular Video award, well done!

You can see the rankings for all 374 tutorials here:

We showed 30,233 tutorial videos to a larger-than-usual audience this month - Lucas' video went to RubyInside and from there ShowMeDo was bookmarked heavily and appeared (again) on the frontpage. Lucas - thanks for helping us with the great exposure :-)

Let me know which currency (GBP, USD, Euros *might* be possible) you'd like to receive an Amazon gift voucher in, I'll get it over to you.



Siddharta Govindaraj

Nov 1, 2007, 2:46:05 PM11/1/07
Cool! Congrats Lucas!

One question - does that page show the number of plays per month, or is
it like an all-time play count? Because if it is per month, then
shouldn't it be showing something around zero (or some low number) for
all the videos right now on the first day of the month?

Siddharta Govindaraj
Silver Catalyst - Project Management for distributed and agile teams

Ian Ozsvald

Nov 2, 2007, 6:32:23 AM11/2/07
Hi Siddhi. The mostPopular page shows a *rolling 30 day total* of the
number of times each video is played.

To see an all-time play count instead go to each video, the video page
shows the all-time plays and the 30-day rolling total.

Now, this gets me thinking:

RubyInside picked up Lucas' Ruby series and it got us onto the frontpage
of for several hours. So - here's some homework...maybe
someone wants to gain some social-news karma and add the strong video
series to Reddit, DZone, Digg etc?

I posted some series in the past to Reddit and DZone and these often
picked up lots of votes, e.g.:

The mostPopular page reads directly from the database so you can see
*live* changes in the mostPopular statistics.

Is anyone ready for some experimenting? The new InkScape videos, Scribus,
OpenOffice and Blender are probably all ripe for adding to social news
sites, certainly the Linux content and probably lots of the good
programming series.

This might <ahem> mean that whoever finds the right news sites for
geeks-who-want-to-learn might just win next month's Most Popular Video

This in turn might mean that Kyran and I have to start thinking about the
introduction of new prizes, let's see what happens...



Lucas Holland

Nov 2, 2007, 8:25:43 AM11/2/07
Yeah, promotion via Social News sites really does seem to have a huge
impact on a video's number of views and I'll definitely take promotion
into consideration with my upcoming videos.

Ian - I've sent you a mail regarding the prize.


2007/11/2, Ian Ozsvald <>:

Have a nice day!

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