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Sep 29, 2020, 6:28:39 PM9/29/20
to showdown...@googlegroups.com
I haven't written about a very important thing yet. Plastic goals are a
big problem. A lot of balls come off these goals and the referees don't
see any goals. I don't like losing or winning matches because of bad
goals and unfortunately such situations happened.
It is worth thinking about photo cells, and about creating other goals
that will not be as shallow and they will let the ball stay in.
For example, photocells would only be compulsory at world, European
championships and European top12 championships.
Best regards Krystian Kisiel.


Oct 3, 2020, 1:01:26 PM10/3/20
to Showdown Players Forum
Hi @all, Thade again,

this is very important, I agree of course. But is it that easy to fix? I am no engineer or technician but I don't think photocells could be easily build to on the one hand be sensitive enough to catch a ball coming in from every angle and on the other hand not sensitive enough to trigger on every other odd occasion. It isn't illegal to enter the goal pocket with your bat/glove. But if you did it would probably trigger a false alarm with photocells.
Also the goal pocket is suspect to quite extreme impact shocks when some of you muskle players score a goal :P Building electronics that can endure this stress over a long time could be quite expensive maybe?

How else could we ensure that either referees can be helped to notice goals better or that the ball doesn't jump out that easily? Changing the current goal design seems obvious. I don't like the plastic cages either for already mentioned reasons.
With the old metal cages it was way easier to notice goals by ear - They had a very satisfying sound when the ball hit them. Maybe we can capitalize on that? Build some kind of contraption that makes a distinct sound when hit?
Another idea would be to build some kind of funnel that directs the ball down and into the goal instead of up and outside. If and how that would be possible is outside of my expertise though. And that one might also be complex to build and thus make the goal pockets to expensive.
My last idea would be some kind of shock absorbant layer of foam or stuff inside the goal pocket. That way the ball would either lose enough rebound energy to stay inside the goal or change it's momentum significantly enough for a referee to notice.

I think we are also very dependant on the opinion of our referees here. They might have some more input how they would be more easily able to recognize in-and-out goals. All in all we haven't won anything if we change the goal pockets to something that they can't see either.

Ah, one very important thing: We really musn't change the goal pockets dimensions to much from how they are now. Some of our smaller players already struggle with the plastic boxes because they can't stand as near to the table as before. Please keep that in mind when tinkering with the goal pocket design.

Benjamin Neue

Oct 4, 2020, 8:09:14 AM10/4/20
to Showdown Players Forum
Hi all, here is Benjamin Samoray from Germany,

I agree with you, that the current plastic goals are not good. Especially because of the difficulty to see in-and-out-goals.
I think one problem is the form of these goals. They need to be more deep in both directions - down and backwarts. Like the rules say, a goal is given when the ball is fully crossing the playing layer down in the goalbox or backwall layer into the goalpocket. The second part isn't possible with the current shape of the goal. It is not deep enough. That means the ball hits the plastic backside before he can dive in the goalpocket with all parts.
I can imagine that a deeper pocket would be better. Also I think it is possible to make the backside of the pocket a little more diagonal (skewed). I hope the ball get down if he touch the goal-backside. Than it would be clear it's a goal.
At the moment the metal-cage-goals are currently the best solution (because of sound and maybe reaction of players) for me.

Stay healthy.


Oct 4, 2020, 2:50:33 PM10/4/20
to 'thade.ro...@googlemail.com' via Showdown Players Forum

Hey all, hey Thade.

2 photocells cost probably less than 300 euro. The first of all, we just have to test it, later we can talk about advantages and disadvantages.

Best regards Krystian Kisiel.
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Stefan Wimmer

Oct 5, 2020, 7:46:43 AM10/5/20
to showdown...@googlegroups.com
Hey all,

It's great that there is a rule discussion - thanks Krystian for the initiative and thanks to everyone who is participating. 

Since this is the player's forum I don't want to be too "noisy", but I would like to make a short comment.

For me, the goal problem is the most important one that Showdown currently has. If the ball doesn't fit in the goal and also doesn't stay inside the goal pocket, the whole game is questionable.

When you discuss possible solutions, maybe you can think of short-term and long-term options. The new rules will be coming soon and therefore a practical and realistic solution would be best.

Thanks again and keep up the discussion. 



Dec 7, 2020, 2:20:44 PM12/7/20
to Showdown Players Forum

Hi all

My name is Kwon from Korea. I'm giving my friend's opinion.


Hi Everyone.

I am Whang from Korea. I am grateful for my participation in this forum, which has not yet been an international tournament.


I think it would be nice to make a little correction to current goal box. The old goal pocket has the advantage that the goal sound is clear. But there is a potential for a player to be injured by a ball that has been through the metal bar. And if the player's body touches the bar, the ball bounces out of the goal pocket, and the advantage of the goal sound disappears. Of course, in principle, the body of the player should not touch the goal pocket. But I think it is wiser to take action so that it does not matter. In this respect, the goal box form is much more practical.


I suggest a double wall. Whether it's a goal pocket or a goal box, it is to build an inner wall front ahead of the back wall. The inner wall can be build two forms:


The first is the shock relief wall as Thade suggest, which can help to make accurate judgments by eliminating or reducing the phenomenon of the ball bouncing out. The second is a metal wall made of a material that is clear and long sound when hit by a ball. Even if the ball bounces out, it will be easy to judge the goal because of the clear and long sound.


Would it be wrong to force the referees to judge the in-and-out, which is sometimes missed by sound-sensitive players?


Thank you for reading.


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