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Hi all, 

This list should provide a platform for communication between players, but can also act as a direct and fast channel for sending information to players. Please use this list in any way you want, but stay polite and constructive.
For official information check frequently on:

Signing up to the Showdown Player's Forum
  • If you have an email address linked to a Google Account
  • If you do not have a Google account
    • Use your main email address and send an email to
    • Write anything in subject line, for example: "Anything"
    • You will receive an confirmation email immediately or after a very short amount of time
    • Reply to this email without changing anything
    • You will receive another email, telling you that you are now a member of the group
Differences between an email address linked to a Google account and non-Google addresses
  • With Google account, you have more options to customize your own group settings
  • With Google account, you can create new topics using the web interface and email
  • With Google account, you can edit your postings using the web interface
  • With Google account, you can use the "translate function" in each post using the web interface
  • With Google account, you can become moderator or administrator 
  • Without Google account, you must create new topics by email (see below)
  • Without Google account, you will NOT receive any email notifications, but you can search an browse the message on the website

Posting to the group
  • By email: 
  • Using the web interface
    • Click the button "New topic" button and go
  • Write a comprehensive text that everyone can understand
  • Always be polite and never be agressive
Replying to a post/topic
  • By email
    • when you receive an email from the group, it will contain the topic in the subject line.
    • If you want to reply to this topic press the "Reply" button in your email software and write the answer
    • Do NOT change the subject line (if you do, the answer will create a new topic)
  • Using the web interface
    • use the "Reply" button 
The web interface of Google Groups should be usable using a screenreader