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Feb 25, 2021, 11:15:55 PMFeb 25

I recently did some graphical editing and came up with a digital chess set for Shogi that
can be used in XBoardSG program.  Basically took the westernized pieces chess set for
Shogi that came with Xboard and tweaked it to make a different westernized pieces Shogi
chess set.  This chess set enables one to make publication quality black and white Shogi
board diagrams with international chess-like pieces, using XBoardSG for mac.  digital shogi
set is public domain and can be downloaded at:

with instructions included in zip file on how to install under xboardSG for mac.  this digital
chess set is designed to yield shogi chess board diagrams that can be read even if the board is shrunk down to a small size, like 2 inches diameter, as might be seen in a book
or newspaper column on shogi.
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