Tourney-To Season 3 winners announcement and upcoming schedule (+TTQueen)

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Karolina Styczyńska

May 24, 2021, 10:40:29 AM5/24/21
Tourney-To Series... Season 3... is OFFICIALLY FINISHED! Time for WINNERS ANNOUNCEMENT! 

Tourney-To-Master ! 14 of you lasted until the last game... But there can be only one winner! 

Congratulations JOURNEYSTEP1 ! You will be representing us in front of Katagami sensei... Do your best! 

TOP 3: 
1. JourneyStep1 – 7 wins 
2. Cerelith – 7 wins 
3. Hbayer – 6 wins 

Tourney-To-Shodan! You are the brave ones. 30 of you lasted until last round! You fought bravely! But... 

The biggest congratulations goes to the winner: Waterbread ! You will be representing us in front of Katagami sensei. Be like... water? 

TOP 3: 
1. Waterbread – 8 wins 
2. Esskun – 7 wins 
3. Aavygeil – 7 wins 

[finally] Cactuar (Lucactus_) 1-Dan -> Tourney To Masters 

Just one point away from graduation: 
GLGR – 1499 rating 
Viktoria – 1499 rating 
Good luck in promotion games! 

Tourney-To-Jouzu ! At first small ducklings, you are gaining more and more feathers in shogi world. 15 of you stayed until the end. I was proudly watching each of your games. Please keep improving! 

Congratulations to undefeated Davyjones! Hopefully you will be able to defeat Katagami sensei as well...! 

TOP 3: 
1. Davyjones – 9 wins 
2. Yaboybtrue – 7 wins 
3. Vir783 – 6 wins 

[totally deserved] DavyJones 5-kyu -> Tourney To Shodan 

And if you missed it, the KING is Enu. who was challenged by Demonikou! Both of them will get epic prizes different from other tourneys!

* Hopefully you all enjoyed the Tourney-To Series :D We are doing our best to improve it every season, so feel free to share your thought in our anonymous questionnaire (link on discord) 

* Winners vs Katagami games will be played somewhere in the next month. Please look out for announcements about it! We will stream it live. 

 * Season 4 (yes, yes we will have more) will start after 1 month break, so you have plenty of time to rest, improve your shogi and... invite more friends. 

 * We plan to run a new tourney for WOMEN called TOURNEY-TO QUEEN. It will be a handicap tournament! Please invite your friends who are yet not so sure to fight equally against veterans. Hopefully this tournament will give you more courage. I plan to reward first 3! places with teaching game against LADIES PROFESSIONALS. 

 * And finally we will add new rules for Tourneys above Jouzu, that your 81dojo account need to be at least few months old. We will state clearly our tournaments are for non-Japanese only (since we target shogi promotion abroad Japan). 

 And once more, thank you for joining our tourneys! <3
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