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Feb 9, 2021, 10:14:26 PMFeb 9

Does anyone know what is the most favored opening game of the most
advanced computerized Shogi players?  The double wing attack opening
game seems frequently played by the most advanced computer players,
but are these players following a preset human-made opening book, or
are the computers calculating from scratch that the double wing attack
opening game is best?  Or are there other preferred opening games?

Also, what is the most preferred castle structure of the most advanced
computer shogi players?

Shogi Besancon

Feb 10, 2021, 3:26:58 PMFeb 10
Hello "Johnnymam",

can you please precise what you call "computer shogi player". I'm confused because I don't understand if you mean "software" or "real player using software to train".

If you mean software (artificial player), software I use like GPS or Bonanza tends to use yagura opening or yokofudori opening. I don't know what Aoba use.

If you use the ShogiGui interface you can see the branching and selecting your own opening book. 

In most cases, software are based on opening books, but if not, You have to impose the first move of the IA, and most of coder choose Bishop path opening.

The only exception should come from Aoba (based on self learning). But I don't know at which stage of maturity (maturity=dependency of opening book)  it is and its opening stats.

Hope it helps,


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Shogi Besancon

Feb 11, 2021, 3:49:41 AMFeb 11
To complete my answer I had a short exchange with the Aoba program leader. He did not performed statistical analysis on game results. But you can see some games here:

Have a good day,


Feb 11, 2021, 9:30:08 AMFeb 11
Yes, I mean shogi computer programs like bonanza, elmo, gnushogi, etc.  What is the preferred opening game of the strongest Shogi computer
programs like dolphin or elmo, without using a human-directed opening book, but with the games purely improvising their playing?  Also, what is
the favored castle structure of the most powerful shogi programs, like dolphin or elmo?  of course, the best castles to use depend on the position of the
game.  yokofudori seems to be a popular opening game for the most powerful computer players, but sometimes it seems that the most powerful shogi
computer programs play opening games and use castles that are not conventional among human players.  Answering this question might give some
clues about what is the most "optimal" shogi opening game or castle structure.  Of course, given the huge game tree of Shogi, even the strongest current computer
players may be playing much less than is optimally possible, so maybe no firm conclusion can be drawn about what is the best opening game or castle
structure from the most powerful current shogi programs.
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