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M. M.

Apr 29, 2021, 4:18:20 AM4/29/21
I learned rules of shogi long ago by reading his lovely web pages.
Thank you Roger, wherever you may be.


Am Do., 29. Apr. 2021 um 01:35 Uhr schrieb <>:
calogero salomon <>: Apr 27 10:53PM -0700

what is your opinion about roger hare, who some see him as an idol, others
think he is just a charlatan, maybe he is some authority in shogi outside
of japan or is he just someone who seeks glory through his publications and
memories from the past, what is your honest opinion
Riko De Las Casas <>: Apr 28 02:10AM -0500

Is it really necessary to start drama in the shogi community without any
On Wed, Apr 28, 2021 at 12:53 AM calogero salomon <>
captbirdseye <>: Apr 28 10:03AM -0700

> think he is just a charlatan, maybe he is some authority in shogi outside
> of japan or is he just someone who seeks glory through his publications and
> memories from the past, what is your honest opinion
This is so screamingly funny, that it's not true...😎
I have never thought of myself as an 'idol' - never occurred to me. I have
published a few digests of older English language
material because I thought the material contained there was useful in a
context where there is so little English language
material available. It's there - it's available - folks use it or don't use
it. If they do use it, that's great. If they don't that's great too.
I've never thought of myself as an 'authority' on Shogi outside of Japan
either. I'm probably the world's worst Shogi player!
I've never thought of myself as a 'charlatan' either, though I freely
confess to being a 'cynic'. Frankly I think it's excruciatingly
funny that someone should get so worked up about my modest efforts that
they feel the need to indulge in this sort of attack.
However, I don't think that the quality (or otherwise) of my modest
contributions is the real reason for this attack:
Back in (I think) 2017, this guy published a book on Shogi in Italian. I
can't comment on the quality as I don't speak Italian.
He also published an English translation, which was very, very bad, and I
said so in a review on Amazon. The English was so bad
that after 50 years of Shogi, I didn't understand it. Many of the diagrams
were also distorted in either the vertical or horizontal
direction. Strangely, some time after I posted my review, the sample pages
disappeared from the Amazon listing so that
folks were no longer able to verify my claims.
Recently, this guy contacted me by electronic mail asking me for a list of
Shogi books in English - which I supplied. He then
contacted me again complaining that he had "been attacked and publicly
defamed by a shogi association" in Italy, and that
this was because I had given his book a bad review. I told him (politely)
why I had posted a critical review. There were other
perfectly polite exchanges, but it's now looks a little as if all this may
have been a carefully planned build-up to this personal
I say again, I am falling about laughing at this - it is so funny - and
perhaps a little sad. I will supply copies of the complete
electronic mail correspondence to anyone who is interested (I really can't
imagine anyone being that interested).
*Calogero* my dear friend; a short personal message to you from me: Thank
you *so much* for giving me such a laugh - you have
brightened my day more than a little. You can rest assured that I will
somehow work your comments into the next release of my
'*Introduction to Shogi*'. I believe in being up-front about criticism of
my 'umble efforts...😎
Roger Hare
calogero salomon <>: Apr 28 11:10AM -0700

oooh you are here, good good, but i need correct you something, i never
attack you, i making a question, you can say i attack you only if you read
something like: roger hare is this and this and this, in only this case
you can say i attack you,but make a question for know what other people
thinking, is only curiosity ;)
if you don't understand my english, sorry, but i thinking you understand me
right now, about the diagrams, i use the same program you use for your
free books,
i never prepare attack you, because i don't know you and is not important
to me, like you say in your message you don't liked when i put a example
with the cars like shogi pieces, because you thinking (and this is your
personal idea) is not good for someone learn shogi with this kind of
example, for me is a good example, because i want show all about shogi, is
not a sin show this or if i consider this a good example, any person have
differents ideas.
I think that this is more an exchange of points of view, as well as for you
in your personal opinion my book is not good, for others it is. I accept
criticism with great pleasure and I imagine that you can also accept
criticism about your free books, as for example you repeat a lot some
things in your books that are not necessary from a personal point of view.
If you cheer the day, well, I'm happy for you, about my messages, no, I do
not authorize you to use them in your next publications, whether they are
free or for sale, because they are my personal ideas and I also claim my
right to author, hahahahaha
I don't authorize you to distribute the messages I send you, because they
are messages between you and me, if everyone publishes the messages then
there would be no privacy about something, you don't think so.
Take good care of yourself, I wish you the best and if it makes your day
happy, good, at least there was a free exchange between us, I made your day
happy and your free books helped me, a sincere hug and take care, to the
next time roger.
Il giorno mercoledì 28 aprile 2021 alle 19:03:19 UTC+2 captbirdseye ha
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Apr 29, 2021, 1:20:54 PM4/29/21
On Thursday, 29 April 2021 at 09:18:20 UTC+1 Marc, wrote:
> I learned rules of shogi long ago by reading his lovely web pages.
> Thank you Roger,

Thank you, we do our best! Mind you, those web pages are nearly 30 years old now - a little past their sell-by date! 

>  wherever you may be.

Sitting in my flat watching the rain coming down in torrents ⛆⛆⛆⛆⛆⛆⛆. Never mind...

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