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Wessel, Keith William

Mar 22, 2012, 4:02:43 PM3/22/12
Hi, all,

I was looking at the filesystem metadata provider documentation to fix a delay issue in our IDP recognizing new local metadata being added. The documentation seems to have a point of confusion.

It says: The Filesystem Metadata Provider reads SAML 2 metadata from a file on the file system.
Metadata is cached in memory for a period of time in order to improve performance.
The metadata provider also monitors the file for changes and will reload the file
upon detecting an update.

But it also says that the min and max refresh delays and refresh delay factor attributes are supported.

If I add or change metadata in a local file, will the IDP monitor and reload the metadata within the bounds set by the refresh attributes? Or will it reload immediately?

If the refresh attributes come into play, what values would I use to have the IDP check our local metadata file for changes at five-minute intervals?


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