Identifying Cars In-Period Dealership Photos

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Rich P

Oct 26, 2020, 6:13:49 PM10/26/20

We are always looking for vintage dealer photos that feature ‘67 Shelby G.T. automobiles, and have fun trying to identify the car(s) captured in the photo. 

Key characteristics that help us identify cars from dealer photos include: the front-end, grille version, radio antenna, rear tail light panel version, rear lower valance version, paint color, trim color, and the wheel type.

Here are a few of the photos we’ve collected and the cars we’ve been able to identify:

Spaniol Ford- Casper, Wyoming.

According to our records, Spaniol Ford was a non-franchised dealer that sold two (2) ‘67 Shelby G.T. units. The car pictured is a dark paint color with a 67½ style front end (‘outboard’ high beam location) and KH Mag Star wheels. The postcard incorrectly notes it as a ‘68 Ford Mustang. The first Shelby G.T. shipped to Spaniol Ford, a Dark Moss Green G.T. 350 with Shelby 10-spoke wheels, #1717, was completed by SAI on 4/17/67. The completion date is too early for the 67½  style front end. The second unit, a Nightmist Blue G.T. 350 with Mag Star wheels, #2579, was completed by SAI on 6/10/67. Based on the front-end and wheels, we’ve concluded that the car pictured is #2759.

Tasca Ford - East Province, RI

A franchised dealer, sold 70 ‘67 Shelby G.T. units (ranking them 4th, overall). The color photo shows a white car with a parchment interior. Tasca received five (5) white units, however, only one of those was equipped with a parchment interior. That car was #0656. (Thanks to Vern E. we know that Ed Casey, an SAI Salesmen, is standing to the right in this Tasca Ford photo.)

Fogg Motors- New Westminster, B.C. Canada (photo thanks to Randy S.)

A franchised dealer, sold 24 ’67 Shelby G.T. units. In the photo we see the early ‘67 style front-end (‘inboard’ high-beam location), no grille emblems, Mag Stars wheels and the large letter Goodyear tires. These details indicate early-built units. Only three white cars were delivered to Fogg Motors, #0031, #0265, and #1019.

All three models pictured were GT500's and both the car on the left and the car to the far right are Brittany Blue. The white car should be #0265 with the Brittany Blue cars likely #0288 and #0293. (It was suggested #0293 is on the right). 

They all would have arrived at the dealer in late January - early February. The three units identified were all in the DSO2598 group, which did not receive an AM radio installed at Ford’s SJ factory. While SAI may have installed a radio in one or all of these units, there are no visible radio antennas on the two cars in front. They may have just arrived at the dealer. Radio antennas were placed in the trunk to avoid damage during shipping.

(According to Randy S.;That is Dave Dunbar, Fogg Motors head mechanic, standing on the left and most likely Ken Haywood, sales manager, standing to the right.)

Galpin Ford - Sepulveda, CA

A franchised dealer, sold 24 ‘67 Shelby G.T. units. This color photo shows a Nightmist Blue G.T. 500 with the ‘inboard’ high-beams in a vertical grille, standard steel rims with wheel covers, and small letter Goodyear tires. Galpin sold four (4) Nightmist Blue G.T. 500 units. Only one had standard wheels, the Nightmist Blue unit #0542. (They did not sell any black painted ‘67 Shelby G.T.s.) 

Johnny Bolton - Maitland, FL

A franchised dealer, sold 31 ‘67 Shelby G.T. units. In this color photo, we see a dark painted car with standard wheels in the showroom. 17 cars delivered to this dealer had wheel covers, but only two were painted in Nightmist Blue (none were black). If only we could see the side stripe model designation, then we could lock this down. Assuming it’s painted Nightmist, the car should be either #1277 a G.T. 500 or #1426 a G.T. 350.

Frontier Motors - Rapid City, SD

Likely a non franchised dealer, Frontier sold four (4) ‘67 Shelby G.T. units. This color photo shows a white G.T. 500 on the showroom floor. Only one white car was shipped to the dealer (and it had KH Mag Star wheels). That car was #0830.

Brian S

Nov 24, 2022, 4:28:10 PM11/24/22
to 1967 Shelby Research Group
This one is rather easy.

Photos of Mathews Kennedy Ford, in Marion, OH were recently posted to a Facebook group titled Old Dealership Photos.

The new car showroom picture captures a '67 Shelby in the front window.

Kennedy Ford was not a Shelby-franchised Ford dealer, and they only sold a single '67 G.T. unit.

Car #0740, a G.T. 500 4-speed, painted Lime Gold with a Parchment interior. 

The car was completed by SAI on 3/22/67 and shipped off to the dealer on 4/14/67. Purchased on 7/5/67 by original owner Tom Yeager. It is presently owned by Jim Hagedorn in Marysvale, OH. If anyone knows him, please send him the link to this topic.

Kennedy Ford - Showroom 2 (67 #0740).jpg

Kennedy Ford - Showroom 1.jpg
Kennedy Ford - Showroom 2 (67 #0740).jpg

1967 Shelby Research Group

Nov 21, 2023, 6:49:46 PM11/21/23
to 1967 Shelby Research Group
Photo of Magic City Ford (Magic City Motors) found by Bill Baker in the Roanoke Public Library. His eagle eye noticed the '67 Shelby right next to the showroom. 

Magic City Ford (VA).jpg

Magic City Motors, a non-Shelby-Franchised (NSF) Ford dealer, sold two '67 Shelby GTs: #1770 (White 500 4spd 10-Spokes) with a completion date of 4/27/67, and #2758 (Lime 350 Auto MagStars) with a completion date of 6/26/67.

Based on our timeline of when the inboard/outboard running change took place, it appears that the car in the photo is #2758.

Magic City Ford (VA).jpg
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