67 Shelby’s with Door Tags; Observations

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Rich Plescia

Mar 3, 2019, 2:55:19 PM3/3/19
to shelbyr...@googlegroups.com

While not specific to just the 1967 Shelby, the topic of the Ford stamped door tags has come up in some recent conversations. These aluminum tags were added at the Ford San Jose factory by two rivets. They were typically removed by Shelby American during the completion of the build at LAX. Shelby added their VIN on an aluminum plate under the hood. Having the Ford VIN on the door tags would only add confusion during the registration process. Once removed the two holes on the door were left open.

Though rare, there are cases where the Ford door tags were not removed by SAI. According to the 2011 SAAC registry, approximately 40 cars left LAX with their door tags in place, presumably by mistake.

Door tags list specific details about the base unit car. The stamped Ford VIN is the first item listed, but can be found in other places on the car. Most of the other stamped codes can’t be found anywhere else. Those stamps include the Body, Color, Trim, Date, D.S.O., Axle, and Trans. Code. Occasionally we will find the Axle and Trans codes were not stamped. Sometimes the Trans. stamp is partially hidden behind the right side rivet. Since The door tags were typically removed by SAI, a Marti Reports is the only other source for this specific info.

Some Shelby owners thought the line “Special Performance Vehicle” was only found on the Shelby models. This line can be found on other non-Shelby cars too such as the ’69 Boss 429 models. It appears to be on cars that were shipped out of Ford for completion at a non-Ford location (i.e.; Shelby American, A.O. Smith, and Kar Kraft).

The line does not appear to be on Ford performance models completed in house by Ford employees, such as on the ‘67 K or S code Mustangs, the ’68 Mustang CJ series 135 or regular production CJ’s, and the ’69 Boss 302 / ’69 Mach I’s.

In 1970 the aluminum tag changed to an adhesive applied label used across the board on all Ford models.

The “Special Performance Vehicle” line disappears on both the 1970 Shelby and the 1970 Mustang Boss 429.

If you have a 1967 Shelby with a door tag still in place please let us know. Knowing the Shelby VIN number, we can look for any patterns such as by dates or by VIN number order. It is very likely they were simply overlooked for removal, but maybe there something else we have not considered.

The following cars are known or believed to have door tags;

#0010, #0407, #0576, #1079, #1209, #1260, #1325, #1326, #1547, #1877, #2032, #2214, #2240, #2377, #3189, #3196, #3206, & #3222

1967 Shelby door tag removed.jpg
1970 Boss 429.jpg
1970 GT350.jpg
1967 GT350 #3222.jpg
1968 GT500 conv.jpg
1969 GT500 SCJ.jpg
1967 K code.jpg
1967 S code GT.jpg
1968 CJ 135 series.jpg
1969 Boss 429.jpg
1970 Boss 302.jpg

Brian Styles

Mar 3, 2019, 3:12:27 PM3/3/19
to shelbyr...@googlegroups.com
Hey Rich,

Good stuff. I've looked at these before but your summary got me thinking....

Have you ever seen a '67 Shelby with a Ford SPV door tag that INCLUDED the axle code?

I personally haven't seen one, and if this pattern holds true as you collect more samples, I suspect it would be due to the axle ratio being non-standard. It makes perfect sense that a tag with no axle code is more accurate than a tag with the wrong code stamped to it.

This is the same reason that the Marti reports are not accurate for a '67 Shelby GT when it comes to the axle code -- Marti reports always show a value of "1" (standard) in the simulated door tag box. The Deluxe Marti report is correctly decoding the Ford computer record, however, this is not the axle ratio that the cars were ordered with (DSO) nor that they received on the line. 

Rich Plescia

Mar 3, 2019, 3:38:46 PM3/3/19
to 1967 Shelby Research Group
Hi Brian,

Of the few '67 Shelby door tag samples I have on file, none show the axle code stamped.
Only two of the half dozen samples show the trans code "5" stamped, including the photo example shared above for '67 #3222.

You make an excellent point as to why the axle code was left off the door tag, since it was a special order. 

1967 Shelby Research Group

Nov 18, 2023, 2:21:51 PM11/18/23
to 1967 Shelby Research Group
The SRG's Real-time Query (List) of '67 Shelby GTs that mistakenly left SAI with their Ford Door Tag still attached:


If your car has the tag and isn't on the list, we'd love to hear from you.

In addition, if your car is on the list and we don't know the Ordering District code (84 vs 89), please let us know what it is.

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