Wireless remote control for a robot with RJ11 sensor sockets

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Adam Funk

Feb 17, 2022, 4:10:47 PM2/17/22
to sheffield-har...@googlegroups.com
Hi again,

My son has a programmable robot kit (one of the kinds they use in World
Educational Robotics courses and competitions). The sensors have cables
that plug into RJ11 sockets on the robot's main block.

He's made it directly drivable by using the contact sensors as buttons
on the longest sensor cables and following it around, but he wants to
know how you would go about making a remote control for this. I wonder
if there are some kits that could be adapted with receivers that can be
spliced into RJ11 plugs?


James Muirhead

Feb 17, 2022, 5:01:28 PM2/17/22
to sheffield-har...@googlegroups.com, Adam Funk
Well, you can crimp the RJ11 plugs.

You can probably guess as to what the interface is based on how many
wires are used in the RJ11 connectors (you can usually just see through
the clear plug). e.g. 4 wires, probably I2C.

I have not idea otherwise. Only advise I can really give is to go and
google it!


Adam Funk

Feb 18, 2022, 6:06:47 AM2/18/22
to James Muirhead, sheffield-har...@googlegroups.com

It just occurred to me that RJ11 is a phone plug, so we could get some
basic phone cables and cut them in half to see what kind of signal is
coming out of the sensors.

James Muirhead

Feb 18, 2022, 6:24:25 AM2/18/22
to Adam Funk, Sheffield Hackspace
Most modem cables only have 2 cores as that is all that's needed for ADSL. And NA phone cables tend to only have 3 (I think) as they only need the ringer line extra.

I've got a whole box of cables with 2 cores downstairs. I also have the crimper (my RJ45 crimper also does them) and a few connectors. And some PCB sockets. Been intending to design a PCB for DreamPi (for getting Dreamcast back online), but not got around to it.

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