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martin brighton

May 4, 2014, 7:54:49 AM5/4/14
Dear All,

The speeches yesterday were certainly inspiring.

The material below is public domain so may be freely used.

 - here's looking forward to the nwxt event.



 = = = = = =

Government is Antoinesque.
Politics is broken.
Democracy is dead.
Parliament is not fit for purpose.
Government has become the enemy of the People.

The banksters are but one part of 'the establishment ' that depends upon corruption to exist.
The inextricable entanglement is both endemic and systemic.
This government is corrupt.
The corruption is absolute, lead from the top down, and out of control.
Being rotten to the core and from the core, everything it touches it taints.
Having neither the will nor ability to change, outside intervention is indicated.

   Any persons who fail to act appropriately when faced with corruption,
   or condone in any way the actions of those determined as corrupt,
   become, by definition, corrupt themselves.
 There comes a time when, for the sake of humanity, society and civilisation,
 it is not only the choice of a person to throw out corrupt governance,
 but a duty.
 It is those in power who are the terrorists, having destroyed our society from within.
= = = = = =

( when it proved that the council was not applying CRB checks – usual reaction, public vilification, false accusations, cutting off communications, etc )

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