Leading the Lambs to Slaughter ?

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martin brighton

Jun 15, 2013, 3:29:04 AM6/15/13
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Dear Sheffield City Council,

You were warned.

You are aware of the possible consequences.

Your much-publicised intent could have the same consequences.

You are wilfully and deliberately creating conditions that can lead to deaths.

Its time to step aside.


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The whole point of both this and the last government was, is and will be to DISEMPOWER the citizens.

Ever considered that these accused incompetents drift from disaster to disaster because they are selected to fail ? Perhaps destroying the country is the bigger agenda.

Government is Antoinesque.
Politics is broken.
Democracy is dead.
Parliament is not fit for purpose.
Government has become the enemy of the People.

The banksters are but one part of 'the establishment ' that depends upon corruption to exist.
The entanglement is both endemic and systemic.
This government is corrupt.
The corruption is absolute, lead from the top down, and out of control.
Being rotten to the core and from the core, everything it touches it taints.
Having neither the will nor ability to change, outside intervention is indicated.

   Any persons who fail to act appropriately when faced with corruption,
   or condone in any way the actions of those determined as corrupt,
   become, by definition, corrupt themselves.
 There comes a time when, for the sake of humanity, society and civilisation,
 it is not only the choice of a person to throw out corrupt governance,
 but a duty.
 It is those in power who are the terrorists, having destroyed our society from within.

Now, back to housing, have you noticed that every solution involves getting citizens further into debt ?


 ( story also seen
http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/suicide-bedroom-tax-victim-stephanie-1883600 )


Bedroom tax protest in memory of suicide victim

13 June 2013 | By Chloë Stothart

A protest is being staged in Birmingham on Saturday in memory of a woman who commited suicide over the bedroom tax.

The demonstration, organised by Birmingham Benefits Justice Campaign, will remember Stephanie Bottrill who left a note blaming the government for her death.

She had been told she would need to pay an extra £20 a week because she lived alone in a three bedroom house after her two children had grown up and moved out.

The demonstration is at 12.00pm on Saturday in Chamberlain Square.

A freedom of information act request by the Labour Party published in April found 13,557 households are affected by the bedroom tax in Birmingham but just 368 one- and two-bedroom properties are currently unoccupied.

The campaigners have demanded that the council refuse to evict tenants who fall into arrears as a result of the bedroom tax.




H&C agency now charging fees for its 'services' ?

What a cheek !  - or wasn’t this the original plan all along ?

The H&C agency was set up to provide the government-lead housing services that our taxes provide for.

Now it is proposed ( as with so many other services ) that its 'customers' ( that means you and me ) will be charged for services that we are already paying for ( and for a large part either not getting at all or at best an inadequate service ).

As with all the rest of these so-called tax-payer-paid government ( non ) 'services', if these organisations are going to start charging for what we are already paying for, as a preliminary to privatisation, then at least the equivalent tax should be refunded to the taxpayer.

What chance of that happening ?

We must not forget who headed-up this organisation before he moved to lofty No 10 heights - of course the same man who left his legacy to Sheffield !

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