Strange exception "Cannot set the ConfigurationCache property after calling Init"

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Kenny Evitt

Sep 19, 2013, 1:07:53 PM9/19/13
The exception is being generated by the code on line 59 of the S#arp Architecture file d:\Builds\SharpArch2\Solutions\SharpArch.NHibernate\NHibernateSession.cs. Here's the source for that file in GitHub.

The app code that's apparently indirectly generating the exception is the following (in my app's Global.asax.cs file):

            NHibernateSession.ConfigurationCache = new NHibernateConfigurationFileCache();

There's a Stack Overflow question for the same apparent issue, and the person that asked that question also posted a topic in this group (almost two years ago), but the only resolution offered was to comment out the above line.

My app is using multiple databases and it's using a custom session storage class, but what's particularly 'strange' is that neither of those are new. The app is running fine on my local dev computer and in IIS on a dev server. The exception first occurred (immediately?) after deploying to the production server earlier today.

Does anyone have any ideas about how this can be resolved?

I just re-deployed the latest build to the production server and now I'm getting a different error:

"Could not find a getter for property 'BlahBlahBlahId' in class 'Apps.Domain.Something'"

Is there something that needs to be done to 'invalidate' any existing cached configurations when a new version of the app is deployed (if there are changes to the domain entity classes)?

Kenny Evitt

Sep 19, 2013, 1:12:26 PM9/19/13
I found the S#arp Architecture wiki page about the configuration cache and I think I know what the problem is – the cache is being created without any assembly dependencies, hence it isn't being invalidated as it should.

Kenny Evitt

Sep 19, 2013, 1:27:32 PM9/19/13
[The "Could not find a getter for properpty ..." exception was promptly followed by the original exception.]

Based on the few examples of using the configuration cache, I couldn't figure out exactly how it needs to be constructed with the appropriate dependencies.

I was, however, able to resolve the error, by removing the serialized configuration cache files (from C:\Windows\Temp) and then restarting the site and recycling the app pool in IIS.

Seif Attar

Sep 19, 2013, 3:41:44 PM9/19/13
Glad you got it sorted.

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