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Lucas Germano

Aug 8, 2014, 3:45:46 PM8/8/14
to sharp-arc...@googlegroups.com

I'm new on Sharp Architecture, and I don't know if I do the right thing when I installed and set everything.

I made the download via GitHub and unzip the file, that contains a folder called Sharp-Architecture-master.

After that I made the BuildSystem's sub module download.

In Build folder, I run the Build.cmd file, and that's works fine.

So here's my doubt.

I need to create a new folder, let's pretend that the name of this folder will be 'MyNewSolution'

With Templify I need to do what exactly ?

What I understand, but I don't have sure if it's correct, I need to click in the Sharp-Architecture-master folder and click on 'Templify this Folder' and then in my 'MyNewSolution' folder, I click in 'Templify Here'.

Is that right ?

The docs it's not so clear in the Instlalation section

Carl Bussema

Aug 8, 2014, 4:10:14 PM8/8/14
to sharp-arc...@googlegroups.com
These days, I would start with an empty MVC web project (3 or 4, can't say I've tried 5, and some parts I don't think work correctly in 4, but everything I've tried does), and use NuGet to install packages.

YMMV, but for my use, I find this setup works:

Project 1: Domain : holds entities
Key Packages: SharpArch.Domain ; Iesi.Collections (for ISet functionality)

Project 2: Infrastructure: mappings, conventions
Key Packages: SharpArch.NHibernate

Project 3: Presentation: controllers and views, html helpers that aren't shared between projects [this is the project created by Visual Studio]
Key packages: SharpArch.Web.Mvc

Project 4: Tasks : all the heavy lifting of data manipulation and retrieval
Key packages: SharpArch.NHibernate

Project 5: ViewModels: does what it says on the box
Key packages: None. Keep this as simple as possible. It references your Domain and is referenced by your Presentation and your Tasks. AutoMapper or the like can be used. It may need SharpArch.Domain, which is OK, depending on how exactly you're using it.

Project 6: Tests: unit tests
Key packages: SharpArch.Testing.NUnit

That setup works really well for me, and I don't get stuck with extra stuff from templify, or trying to move stuff around because last I checked, S#arp didn't employ a ViewModels project. I prefer to keep my ViewModels out of my Domain, so that if I see a Domain reference in my controller (instead of a Task layer reference) or in a View (instead of a ViewModel reference), I at least make sure it's there for a really good reason.

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Lucas Germano

Aug 8, 2014, 4:20:20 PM8/8/14
to sharp-arc...@googlegroups.com
Seem's easyiest this way.

I'm using MVC 4 and right now I've just the Presentation layer, but I'll implement the anothers layer's.
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