S#arp Architecture RC checked into trunk (all but documentation)

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Feb 15, 2009, 3:34:34 AM2/15/09
to S#arp Architecture
Hi all,

I've checked in everything for the RC release of S#arp Architecture
with the exception of updated documentation. The /trunk/
VersionHistory.txt has all of the details for this release, including
exact version/revision-numbers of included dependencies. There will
be no breaking changes introduced between this RC release and 1.0
(assuming ASP.NET MVC adheres to this commitment as well).

In the RC release, the only non-trivial breaking change to the
SharpArch libraries is the renaming of Entity.ID to Entity.Id. (I
have left an obsolete ID getter for now to assist with this
transition.) The CRUD scaffolding generator has also received a lot
of attention for the sake of end-to-end generation and extensibility.
Although it's just a little more work to define an entity and its
properties, it now does a lot more for you...no longer will you need
to go into the code, after the scaffolding has been generated, to add
validation attributes, test values and designate domain signature
properties - it's all done via the scaffolding command itself now.

The highlights of this release include:
* Compatible with ASP.NET MVC RC (obviously)
* VS template project now includes Fluent NHibernate auto persistence
mapping by default
* Much more powerful and extensible CRUD scaffolding generator - it's
completely touch-up free for many scenarios
* Performance of unit tests using SQLite has been improved 20% (thanks
Jay Oliver!)
* Integration of domain validation with MVC model binding has been
introduced via a new ValidatableModelBinder (thanks David Hayden and
Austin Bain!)
* Added crazy cool anti-forgery voodoo magic to the CRUD scaffolding
generator for creating, editing and deleting items (uh, thanks MVC

After I update the documentation to reflect the latest code check-ins,
an "official" release will be ready to go. With that said, please
feel free to grab the code off the trunk which represents the RC code
if you don't want to wait for the docs to be updated.

Billy McCafferty

Tim Kolesnik

Feb 15, 2009, 5:58:47 AM2/15/09
to S#arp Architecture
Wow, just checked it out. The scaffolding generator validation support
is real time-saver. Thanks a lot !

todd brooks

Feb 15, 2009, 2:25:46 PM2/15/09
to S#arp Architecture
Is there a reason why you didn't update to NHibernate 2.1?
Is 2.1 not ready for prime-time yet?
How difficult will it be to move existing projects to 2.1 once you do
update it in S#arp?


James Gregory

Feb 15, 2009, 8:58:45 PM2/15/09
to sharp-arc...@googlegroups.com
NHibernate 2.1 isn't at a release candidate yet. Not sure what stage it's at, but 2.0.1 is still the current official release.


Feb 16, 2009, 10:31:51 AM2/16/09
to S#arp Architecture
Although I've been including a couple of trunk assemblies such as
Fluent NHibernate and MvcContrib, I'm hesitant to make a release with
NHibernate 2.1. It's not because I see it as unstable or not ready
for production (albeit, LINQ to NHibernate does need a bit of work
still), but because it's receiving a lot of attention right now for
the 2.1 release and may require a lot of tweaks between now and then
to keep up integration with its development. Additionally, since it
carries such a large responsibility within S#arp Architecture, I would
feel much more comfortable with a "blessed" release from the team
itself rather than grabbing one from the trunk. You can find the NH
development schedule http://groups.google.com/group/nhibernate-development/browse_thread/thread/22dc9df2e4199cd2.
They're currently targeting late Spring for a 2.1 release. If ASP.NET
MVC GA is available soon, the inclusion of NH 2.1 will likely be in a
#Arch 1.1 release.

Billy McCafferty

On Feb 15, 6:58 pm, James Gregory <jagregory....@gmail.com> wrote:
> NHibernate 2.1 isn't at a release candidate yet. Not sure what stage it's
> at, but 2.0.1 is still the current official release.
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