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Jun 24, 2008, 4:49:28 PM6/24/08
to SharedBook APIs
Hi all,

A few questions...

1 Is there a redirect URL that can be set for when the user has
completed paying for their book?

2 Does the bmsId ever expire? (e.g., can we reuse it again later if
the user chooses to come back to their book)?

3 Is a bmsId scoped around an authToken or can we use a single
authToken for multiple books and book making spaces?

4 For bms/setBackCoverPhoto and bms/setFrontCoverPhoto, can a 'url' be
passed in rather than having to upload the photo?

5 Is there a complete list (in table format) of all the API commands
and the order in which they can be used?


John Paul Lorenti

Jun 24, 2008, 6:18:07 PM6/24/08
to sharedb...@googlegroups.com, jona...@jdg.net
Hi Jonathan,

1) There isn't a redirect URL specifically after checkout. However, in a
partnership arrangement, we can set the upper left corner of the
application to link back to the redirect URL along with a branded logo.
2) In order to ensure a user can return to their book, they need to
customize their book on the SharedBook site. That process will prompt
them to create a login and indicate to us that their book is in
progress. Otherwise, we clean up book records in our database on a
regular basis.
3) I think you're referring to the session token here. It's unlikely
that you'd be driving a user to create more than one book in a session.
Our standard methodology is to run through the login and getSessionToken
stages for each book creation. This basically ensures that the session
token will not be stale when you use it for subsequent commands.
4) bms/setBackCoverPhoto and bms/setFrontCoverPhoto don't accept URLs.
However, by default, the first photo uploaded will be the front cover
and the second the back cover if the cover specific methods are not
used. So, you can simply use addPhoto and take care to send the front
cover first and the back cover second.
5) The list here - http://www.sharedbook.com/dev/documentation.html is
in the order that the methods can be used. The "add" and "set" methods
in the bms group may be called in any order after bmscreate/publish.

Hope my answers help. Let me know if you have more questions and if you
have a specific project in mind.


John Paul

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