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Greg Wolff

Aug 14, 2007, 1:47:28 PM8/14/07
to Saq Imtiaz, Martin Budden,
1) The theme would be a step towards practical use.  In other words, not something that would be practical today, but something that others could see how to build upon in the hopes of creating something practical.

The TW file in the screenshot was not based on a recent core (does not have syncing).

Did I send you the example TW file  that does sync?  I think Martin already created a better version (in a previous email.)
If it would be helpful, I can provide the zip file corresponding to the screenshot and let you upgrade to a "syncing" core.

2) By "Core TW" in shared records I mean the following:
A) Create and deposit an Image, PDF or other on SharedRecords.  This gives you ID 0xPDF (for example)
B) Get the TW file that syncs with the record history or "Workspace" 0xPDF
C) Deposit this "syncing" TW file in shared records - has recordID (SHA1 Hash) 0xABC, you can retrieve using URL of form

NOTE that 0xABC.html has built in code for syncing with 'workspace' 0xPDF.  (There is a separate history/workspace for 0xABC.  You might think of this as the meta-history.  Ignore it for now.)

D) Tiddler additions or modifications/updates to 0xABC are stored in history /workspace of 0xPDF

3) The assumption is that the PATIENT would have one (or more) TiddlyWiki files each identified by a barcode or other ID (for secure records this ID includes a decryption key which is required to access the data in the record).  The Patient can share this file with caregivers.  The caregivers may keep track of these files in many different ways (depending on their sophistication and level of IT -- as a lowest common denominator, they can always just use/store the paper).

Changes made by one caregiver (or by the patient) would be visible (upon updating) to other caregivers.  (Doctors have control over what notes they just keep local and which are shared.)

Happy to provide any additional details you would find useful,

On 8/14/07, Saq Imtiaz < > wrote:
Hi Greg,

I just spoke with Martin. Unfortunately he was not able to answer all of my questions with regards to SharedRecords. I will try to summarize them here:

  1. The 'theme' I am being asked to design. Is this meant to serve as an example only, or is it actually meant for practical use? In order to create something that will actually be useful in practice I would need examples of specific use cases, and would need to create a theme/layout for each.

    If this is meant to serve as an example only, then could you perhaps provide me with an actual file that synchronizes immunization records for example? Eg: the file from which the screenshot you sent me was taken? It always works better to structure the theme around some content.

    If neither is possible then let me know and I can try and create some imaginary medical records for instance.
  2. You have mentioned previously that the core TiddlyWiki file and records would be saved in SharedRecords and the other data synchronized. Neither Martin nor I were quite able to follow what you meant by the core being savedin SharedRecords? Do you mean the core records, or the actual TiddlyWiki core and plugins?
  3. Is the following assumption correct for how a doctor would use this service:
    • He has a TiddlyWiki file for each patient
    • On opening the file, it is synchronized with SR and the records updated
    • He makes his own entries which are automatically saved back to SR

      Eventually you would probably want to avoid having a file per patient. More appropriate would be to have one file or a TiddlyPublisher where you enter the patient number and it pulls down the appropriate data for you, and displays it in a pre-determined TiddlyWiki template.
As a side note I have offered Martin my help in both testing and developing the integration of SR with TiddlyWiki.

On the topic of educational curriculum, Martin has yet to hear back from any of the people he has approached about existing usage of TiddlyWiki for educational purposes. So while it might be the more time consuming route, we might want to start exploring existing curriculum that can be ported to TiddlyWiki. We can always get started in this direction, since it is something planned for the long term anyway. If along the way existing TiddlyWiki based curriculum does become available, we can put the other plans on hold for a while.


On 8/14/07, Greg Wolff <> wrote:
Thanks for cc'ing me.  I think we're nearing critical mass on the shared records integration to make it a useful tool for the community.  Let me know if I can help facilitate in anyway.

Also, as long as you're on the phone...
It would be good for you two to discuss the educational packaging/uses of TiddlyWiki.  In particular, I would value your feedback on whether we should:
1) Try to identify and promote educational materials that already exist in TiddlyWiki format
2) Be working with other repositories of content and turning them into TiddlyWiki's
On 2) I can help make contacts with existing repositories, but it would require substantial work to demonstrate the benefits for the potential partner sites.

Of course in the long run will want to do both.  This is more a question of which comes first and when should I begin soliciting interest from my contacts.


On 8/13/07, Martin Budden <> wrote:

I'm available for a call tomorrow morning, shall we say 10-ish? You
can call me on 02070311188.


On 8/13/07, Saq Imtiaz <> wrote:
> Hi Martin,
> I have been asked by Greg to help out with the integration of SharedRecords
> and TiddlyWiki. Specifically the design and the user interface. I have a few
> questions regarding how the integration works and what the intended usage
> is, that would help me get started. Would you be available for a phone call
> some time tomorrow? I would prefer a landline if at all possible. (I have
> unlimited long distance calling to landlines in the UK and US). I am
> available all day so any time that works for you is fine. If not tomorrow,
> perhaps later in the week? I am quite eager to get started as soon as
> possible.
> Regards,
> Saq Imtiaz

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