Backing up TiddlyWiki's to SharedRecords

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Greg Wolff

Nov 2, 2007, 1:29:16 AM11/2/07
to, Eric Shulman, Jonathan Jackson
Hey Eric and Jon,

I was thinking it would be kind of fun to have a TiddlyWiki backup
button that used your post or upload plugin to store a copy of the
TiddlyWiki on SharedRecords. That would make it very easy to archive
and share TiddlyWiki documents.

You could even do it securely by using the proxy API which gives you
back a QR code that includes a decryption key. (See examples below).

Anybody done this? Would this be useful to the TiddlyWiki community?
I'm sure it would be useful to me, even as just a place to backup and
distribute TiddlyWiki files.

If you put the resulting URL into the locally saved document, you end
up building a complete version history within the document. Becomes a
"poor man's" TiddlySpot (but with complete versioning).

This could also be a way to solve John's problem. If you create a
template, just publish it on and use the resulting
URL as a place to start. Note that you don't actually have to do any
synchronization, just back up/publish whenever you want.
Only downside is that the URL keeps changing with each new version.
(Think of this as the permalink).


[Note the endpoints of the REST URLs will change soon when the next
version is rolled out.]

=====Plain text (unencrypted) storage====================================

SHA1(original.html)= 8e636b1c0af14814fc67748ab54a3aa7d01893fb

curl --verbose --upload-file original.html

===Secure, encrypted storage with QR code token for retrieval=============

curl --upload-file original.html >

-- - Learning to Serve

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