Shareabouts API v1 Phase Out!

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Mjumbe Poe

Jan 17, 2014, 3:11:49 PM1/17/14
Hi Shareabouts users and developers!

This is an announcement that we are officially deprecating version 1 of our Shareabouts API. We plan to phase it out in March this year.

Why are we doing this...

Focusing on version 2 of the API will allow us to more quickly add improvements that you all have been asking for. Right now, upgrading to the latest version of Shareabouts will get you a number of things that aren't available for maps running on the version 1 API, including:
  • Social sign-in through Twitter and Facebook
  • Support for polygons as well as points in your datasets
  • Mobile UI improvements
  • CORS support (developers may know what that means)
  • Lots of bug fixes!
What does this mean for you...

Not everyone will be affected by this change. In fact, if you have a Shareabouts map that you started work on after September 25, 2013, you're most likely already using version 2.0 of the API.

However, if you set up a Shareabouts map before September 25 last year, and you want to keep collecting data through that map, you should upgrade as soon as possible. We recommend using the latest version available from our releases page ( If you need assistance in upgrading, you can check out our latest configuration documentation (, or use this mailing list as a resource.

If you're still not sure which version of the API you're using, let us know and we can help you out.

Thank you for bearing with us through this. Though we know that this phase-out will allow Shareabouts to become an even better platform, we also know that upgrading can be inconvenient. Let us know any questions or issues you have during this process. Thanks for being involved with Shareabouts!

- Mjumbe & the Shareabouts development team at OpenPlans
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