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Igor Blanco

Sep 12, 2011, 9:48:58 AM9/12/11
to Share Extras Developers, Jesús Baez
Hi everyone:

At our company we've developed a little extensión and uploaded it to the Alfresco Forge

This extension allows the reconfiguration of the log levels live, without restarting Alfresco. There is already this feature using JMX in Enterprise version, but our version works for Community as well, and besides a JMX interface it also has a couple of webscripts, (one for Share, one for Explorer) to do it in a easier way.

We were told that maybe it could be a nice addition for Share Extras but this extension requires some installation on Alfresco Repository side so I doubt it can be packaged just as a single JAR file. Do you think that this fits in Share Extras ? lf that fits obvoiusly we would have to do some changes in order to publish it on sahre. Off the top of my head I can think of those
  • rename source code packages
  • Integrate it as a Share console (that would probably be the hardest work)
  • Provide a configuration option to disable the JMX interface (so that Enterprise versión's admin don't get confused because of having two JMX interfaces with similar purpose)
  • Package as Jar instead of an AMP, at least for the Share part (Explorer part can't be deployed this way, isn't it ?).

Igor Blanco González
Binovo IT Human Project
e-mail: ibl...@binovo.es
Telf. :   943 493611 - 690229375
                         Astigarraga Bidea 2
                          Planta 6. - Ofi. 3-2 
                    20180 Oiartzun ( Gipuzkoa )

Will Abson

Sep 13, 2011, 6:54:14 AM9/13/11
to share-ext...@googlegroups.com, Share Extras Developers, Jesús Baez
Hi Igor,

Your email is very timely as I've been considering a few of these issues while looking at the submissions for the Dashlet Challenge.

Regarding the packaging, I myself always try to package up both the Share and repository customisations into a single JAR.

Normally this JAR can be placed in Tomcat's shared/classes directory, although sometimes it is necessary to place it inside each webapp, for instance if it contains Java classes.

I believe all the add-ons on Share Extras today use a single JAR like this, and this would be my preference since it makes installation much easier.

The add-on itself sounds interesting, although I would want to take a deeper look at it to see what value it adds for Enterprise installations as you mention similar functionality is already included there.

On the matter of contribution, of course we welcome suitable contributions provided that the Share Extras project is used for managing the source code, downloads and documentation. There is more information on some of the more detailed requirements such as licensing on the Contribution page on the Share Extras wiki, which also talks about packaging.

Thanks for taking the time to let us know about the add-on. You should find the information I mentioned helpful, and there are also many examples of combined Share/repository customisations on the site (the Site Poll in particular springs to mind).

Please do reply back if you have any further thoughts on what I've mentioned here, or let us know how you get on with the packaging etc or if you have any further questions.


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