Changes to download labels and scraping downloads into a DB

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Will Abson

Feb 15, 2012, 3:49:37 PM2/15/12
Hi guys,

More of an admin thing than development per-se, but following the
clean-up I made of the wiki pages a little while ago, I've started
cleaning up the Share Extras downloads section.

Firstly and most importantly I've added some new tags, to describe the
type(s) of extension the add-on provides and the versions of Alfresco
it supports. You should see them in the drop-down list when
editing/creating a download item, they are named AlfrescoVersion-blah
and Addon-blah. Exactly the same as the wiki, so please start using
them to tag your downloads, if you are a contributor. For all other
site users they should appear as a column on the downloads page.

Secondly I've set up a basic screen scraper today (since Google code
has no API, it was the next best option), to enable me to pull out a
structured list of downloads that are available on the site. My plan
(subject to Jeff and Richard's approval) is to use this data to keep
the listings on populated with the latest Extras
downloads. For now I've got the data being recorded into ScraperWiki
and it will be updated once a day.

Thirdly, I've tidied up a few miscellaneous issues to keep the
downloads consistent. So for clarification...

* Multiple versions of downloads should not be present on the
downloads - unless they support different versions of Alfresco.
Normally, if you add a new download, please deprecate the old one so
it is removed from the normal list
* I'd also like to keep version numbers consistent, so significant
additions should add 0.1 to the release number, while bugfixes should
use a minor minor version, i.e. +0.0.1. This means that all downloads
should have a x.x.x number in their file name, which specified, the
major, minor and patch level version of the download
* All add-on downloads are currently tagged as 'Featured', but since
the list on the front page is getting very long now I'm going to start
removing these. Let me know if you think this will cause problems,
otherwise I'll send an update when I've made a start on this with an


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