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Apr 12, 2012, 5:34:38 AM4/12/12
to Share Extras Development

I'm trying to setup the yammer dashlet on a 4.0.0 installation of
Alfresco. According to the docs its developed on the 3.4 codebase, but
I thought I could give it a try.

Running in Chrome the yammer dashlet is totally empty, if I inspect
the html-source I can see that the "Connect to Yammer"-button is
disabled and hidden togheter with the supporting text.

Running IE displays the connect to yammer-button correctly. When I
press the button a new ie window is spawned with the following text:

"Authorization Error
The application Share Extras can not be authorized in your network.
Please contact your network administrator.

Share Extras
Author (Organization Name)
Alfresco Software (<a

I suspect I need to generate some kind of application key for my
installation and replace will:s contact info with mine (or something
like this)?

I can't find any documentation on this? Is it lacking or am I not
looking at the right places?

Will Abson

Apr 12, 2012, 7:13:41 AM4/12/12
to share-ext...@googlegroups.com
Hi Erik, did you see the Known Issues section on the Yammer Dashlet
page? Also make sure you have installed the Share OAuth add-on as
directed on its page.


The most recent couple of comments on the Yammer Dashlet page might
also be useful, but I don't believe you should need to configure the
share-config-custom.xml in the project, it should be enough to
override it using the one in your web-extension directory.

One last tip - if you turn on Chrome's JavaScript console that you can
use to get more information on any errors in the page JavaScript. Just
refresh the page to force a re-load of the dashlet.


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Erik Billerby

Apr 12, 2012, 9:25:44 AM4/12/12
to share-ext...@googlegroups.com
Thanks Will,

The dashlet remains unvisible in Google Chrome, I have inspected it
with the inspector and for some reason the style on the div is set to

<div id="page_x002e_component-2-3_x002e_user_x007e_admin_x007e_dashboard_x0023_default-connect"
class="yammer-dashlet-connect" style="display: none;">
Ok, I left Chrome for Firefox temporary. The next issue is the same as
the other ones had. I declared the connector in the Remote section of
my share-config-custom.xml after registering my yammer application.
This has no effect, when pressing connect I'm redirected to yammer
with application_id #4350 whereas my newly registered application with
yammer got number #6640 as id.

I tried to set replace="true" on my Remote section in the config-file
but then share blow up :( I guess there are a lot more configuration
in the core files for this section. Any ideas? Rebuilding the dashlet
seems like a hack...


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