ShapeLogic now works both in ImageJ and on Java's BufferedImage

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Apr 21, 2008, 1:04:01 PM4/21/08
to ShapeLogic
Until ShapeLogic's 1.0 release, the image processing algorithms where
only running under ImageJ.

Now ShapeLogic's image processing algorithms have been decoupled from
ImageJ. This is checked into SVN, and will be in the ShapeLogic 1.1
release. The idea is not to redo ImageJ's functionality but to make
ShapeLogic more modular. All of ShapeLogic's current image processing
algorithms only use very simple image properties so they should apply
outside of ImageJ.

Not everything will work outside of ImageJ. The letter match example
has a first step that is a skeletonize algorithm that comes with
ImageJ. I you want to use the full letter match example outside ImageJ
you will need another implementation of the skeletonize algorithm.

For a more complete description see:

-Sami Badawi
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