Impact Statements Are Ongoing Over Time

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Apr 16, 2008, 3:47:12 PM4/16/08
to shabazz

Time is a funny thing. It's long, short and infinite all at the same
time. When we lost Shabazz time seemed to stop. It went by slowly, it
flew by, it took a long time. From August 1st, 2005 to the first
scheduled and postponed Hearing in October 2006 felt like forever.

Next, the subsequent trips to court, the expectation of a trial and
finallly the acceptance of a plea bargain with no trial, no Jury and
no input by Shabazz family or friends was submitted by Assistant
Brooklyn D.A. Mark Hale and accepted by Judge Tomei on March 7th 2007,
marking the end of the Court process. It was a long time,

Life is short and the loss of it is forever.

I would like to thank everyone who contributed letters and statements
which we combined and gave to the court to be given to and reviewed
the parole board in regard to the impact that the murder of Shabazz
Muhammad by Jermaine Barrett had on each of us as his family and

I learned through the Director of Victim Services today that our
letters to the Parole Board need to be ongoing as events and
information are felt or revealed.

For an example each and every time that He was not there for his
daughter Shimei, he was missed. When he did not get to see her grow,
when he did not get to be there for her Birthday, Christmas, Holidays,
the first day of school. When she thinks about him and he is not
there... Wen she imagined he was an Angel flying above her school bus,
the Parole Board would not know unless we write, send recordings,
video and talk to them in person prior to parole consideration..

The fact that when he was incarcerated and that when there was no
trial, that Barrett told his family that he was acting in self
defense, a lie, a failure for the entire family to kow and admit to
the truth that he had shot an unarmed man in the back then again in
the face after he was already dying, not at all an act of self
defense, the Parole Board would never know.

How do you feel as a friend or as a family member now, next year, in
10 years, in the Spring of 2020 and anytime Parole is considered
thereafter. Unles we continuously write to the Parole Board regarding
the ongoing impact that this murder has had on our lives, the Parole
board will not know unless we tell them.

Now and in the future please send your updated impact statements now,
over the next year two years, 12 years, over your lifetime directly

Parole Victim Impact
97 Central Avenue
Albany, NY 12206

3 to 4 months prior to parole considerations you will not only hve a
chance for your letters to be read and considered but can also speak
directly to parole board members about your concerns.

This is the VICTIM Impact Unit and is only concerned with the impact
on Shabazz, his family and his friends.

Include the Inmate Name -Jermaine Barretts and DIN: 07A1625

There are also still forms in the Files for this group as well as
links on the news page of Shabazz site.

He is still in Downstate at this time and is in the General Population
out of the Infirmiry.

Thank you.

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