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Feb 3, 2008, 10:17:56 AM2/3/08
to shabazz

We now have a new domain name for the main site for Shabazz at:

The domain name is paid up for the next 5 years however actual
location of the pages are still at the the original site created and
being paid for monthly.

The current site is being forwarded so all of your former links will
still work.


I hope to eventually move the pages to their own site with the new
domain name.

If you have not done so yet, be sure to download two pages in the File



Fill out and mail these, one goes to the D.A. and the other goes to
the Parole Board.

Instructions can be found in the Files as well and details to fill in
can be found on the News Update Page of Shabazz Web Site.

Re submit these pages whenever you move over the next 11 years. The
Parole Board will contact concerned people regarding the possibility
of parole in 2020 as well as any time thereafter that a parole might
be considered. The Parole Board is interested in knowing about the
Impact On The Victim and those who were his friends and family a welll
as all who are concerned.

This is to benefit Shabazz, not his murderer. The Parole Board needs
to know that Parole should not be an option and that Life in prison is
the least that can be achieved. The sentence was 15 years to Life, and
Life it should be. That is what was taken from Shabazz, his life. Life
in prison is the least that can be given to a person who has committed
murder and taken a life. Having Life in prison, a person is still
ALIVE and able to interact with family and friends. The Victim does
not have this privilege.

As I watch current news reports, people get life for lesser crimes and
some get away with murder and walk free within a few years. Sentencing
is not wielded evenly in the world and is not consistent. It is up to
us and anyone who reads this page can help too. You do not have to be
a family member or a personal friend to care and to have your voice

I think about Shabazz everyday and I miss him. It is the least I can
do to see that the murderer does not get away with his crime and walk
free to boast and feel that he has paid or it by doing a minimal
sentence. Shabazz loss is permanent as should be the sentence for the
person who took his life.

Thank you.

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