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Jul 1, 2007, 1:15:23 AM7/1/07
to shabazz
Last I remember my brother was checking his mail, and looked at me
playing Need 4 Speed,and seen my car had plates that said SHOWTIME; he
said that was his nickname, funny thing is that we both think alike.
Well, theres always good memories when we think about Shabazz; another
is when he helped me catch my first plane trip; By time I went to
sleep that night, I had to wake up, and take 3 buses,and two planes.,
neway, it was like the movies the way we were running through the
portals to reach the plane entrance. When we did, the sturdist was
closing doors for takeoff. I wasn't thinking about how scary the plane
ride is or anything; just was thinking about what I was missing back
in NY. meanwhile I flew back,a day before Aaliyah died; Im a big fan
of Aaliyah and her music,so it kind of was devisating. going back to
school,was a headache, then sept 11th came. I just thought more
problems in the world. well, I took hard hits since, especially after
the passing of my brother. He won't be forgotten but will surely be

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