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Jan 13, 2008, 8:12:51 AM1/13/08
to shabazz
I miss you alot bro, but I know you already know that; and as I
write , I wonder if It was you that just dropped a broom to give that
support back or you just want me to straighten up my room.

Ok heres a story, I have a game called nba 2k7, don't play games much,
but figure since its 08 let me finsh the season. I created a few
players, myself and my brother Shabazz. I'm on the knicks,yes were a
winning team; anyway 30 games left; me and Shabazz finally battle on
the court floor. ...Now every time I'm winning in half time the game
freezes; I didn't see what happens If I did lose, who want to lose?
well I know It was you Shabazz that spoil the victor ; ( can I get a
win ?

Well its 08' but I'm always thinking about 05' and therefore before,
when you was around in presence; I don't want to speak for everyone
but I know your always be around in soul and spirit.
We just might have a black president, I don't know If its just me, but
Barrack sort of resemble you;
he just don't have much style as ya. Peace. StaF
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